Indonesia, Landslide in Banjarnegara

18:00 Dec 12 2014 Banjaregara

On 6th of December 2014 Continuous rain has made the soil saturated and triggered landslide in Wanayasa sub-district, Banjarnegara, Province of Central Java. This landslide is then followed by more massive landslide in the neighboring sub-district, Karangkobar on the 12th of December 2014 that results in more casualties. A total of 17 hectares area was covered by this landslide.

Based on the latest information from BNPB on 15 Dec 2014,
- 815 people displaced at 10 evacuation centres
(592 from karangkobar subdistrict,
223 from wanayasa subdistrict)
- 51 death
- 57 missing
- 15 injured
- 444 people were isolated due to the damaged main road
- Roads from Banjarnegara to Pekalongan still blocked
- 8 hectares rice field damaged
- 5 hectares agricultural field damaged

- The local authority and communities clearing out the debris and trying to make temporary access to the isolated area
- Evacuation centre and command post have been set up to assist the victims
- 2000 personnel coming from different stakeholders still performing search and rescue operation
- Indonesian Red Cross society also work along with the government responded to this situation
- Several NGO's as part of Humanitarian Forum Indonesia (HFI) such as: PKPU, Yakkum emergency unit, dompet dhuafa, MDMC, and KARINA-KAS also responded to this situation
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