Indonesia, Flood and Landslide in Kudus

02:00 Jan 21 2014 Kabupaten Kudus, Central Java

Landslide happened in Dukuh Kambangan, Desa Menawan, Kecamatan Depok, Kabupaten Kudus buried 14 houses and 12 peoples. Two peoples are evacuated, one dead and one survived. Landslide also damage 9 houses.
While flood is caused by the broke of Kali Piji Dam and affected Kecamatan Mejobo in Desa Gulung with 230 evacuees and Desa Payama 169 evacuees. In Kecamatan Jati 3 villages affected, Desa Jati Wetan with 342 evacuees, Desa Tanjing with 70 evacuees and Desa Loran with 125 evacuees. Two peoples drowned, one dead and one still missing.
Joint team from BPBD, military force and the people still doing the evacuation process.
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