Indonesia, Mt. Kelud Volcanic Eruption

22:40 Feb 13 2014 Malang and Kediri

Mt. Kelud in East Java has erupted and releasing volcanic ashes. This erruption impacted the surrounding areas including Blitar, Kediri and Malang. Entrance or activities in areas within radius of 10 km from the crater is prohibited.

As of 18 February, the incident has caused:
- 7 death
- 83,207 in evacuation
- 201,228 people or 58,341 families affected from Blitar, Kediri and Malang
- 3,782 houses, 20 building, 25 school, 9 health center and 36 religious building were damaged.
- 5,146 ha of paddy field and 1,792 ha of plantation area were damaged.
- Cost of damaged is appr. 33 million USD.

Based on Research and Development agency of Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture the total impact of this incident to Agriculture is:
13,094 Ha amounting to 377.5 billions IDR or 33 millions USD

Several areas also affected by volcanic ashes as follow:
to the West of Mt. Kelud to include:
Pacitan, Ponorogo, Wonogiri, Bantul, Yogya, Sleman, Kulon Progo, Purworejo, Kebumen, Solo, Boyolali, Salatiga, and Temanggung

to the East of Mt. Kelud to include:
Malang, Surabaya, Banyuwangi and Ampenan NTB

7 airports already back to operational after closure due to Mt. Kelud Volcanic Ash
- Adi Sucipto airport in Jogjakarta
- Adi Sumarmo airport in Solo
- Juanda airport in Surabaya
- Semarang
- Cilacap
- Malang
- Bandung

Local disaster management agency in coordination with BNPB with other related stakeholders are managing the situation
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