Thailand, Flood, landslides and windstorm in Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala Province

22:56 Dec 16 2020 Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala Province

From the influence of the strong northeast monsoon over the Gulf of Thailand Causing some heavy rain on the lower South. As a result, the southern region had flash floods, floods, slides and windstorms since 16 December 2020 in 3 provinces (Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat). A total 27,929 households are affected, one person died (Yala woman, causing soil slides over the house), and 3 evacuation points opened.

As of 22 December 2020, there are 35,714 households are affected, 3 people dead

As of 23 December 2020, there are 41,223 households are affected, 3 people died, 6 evacuation points, 369 people evacuated

As of 25 December 2020, There are 42,977 households are affected

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