Indonesia, Flooding and Whirlwind in Sumbawa Regency

15:20 Nov 9 2020 Sumbawa Regency

As a result of heavy rain and strong winds that hit the districts of West Atlas and Kec. Alas Kab. Sumbawa resulted in:

1. Kec. West Pedestal:
USAR MAPIN: 23 Houses
LAB. MAPIN: 30 Home
GONTAR: 17 Houses
NEW GONTAR: 15 Houses, Mosques, Mushollah

2. Kec. Pedestal:
The Marente Village Office collapsed in front of it (fuss and the roof fell off). Tonight we will be closed to find an alternative to the temporary village office.
The wounded 3 people, including two children aged 8 years were quite seriously and have been referred to the Sumbawa Regional Hospital. This accident occurred while the distribution of BST was underway from the Post Office at the Marente Village Office.

Kec. Pedestal:
- 3 people injured, including 2 children aged 8 years, quite seriously and have been referred to RSUD Sumbawa.

Actions BPBD Kab. Sumbawa
1. Monitoring through social media to monitor current developments.
2. alert personnel to anticipate other events that will occur at any time.
3. Preparing logistics for distribution to disaster victims.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Sumbawa Regency


Injured: 3
Affected Families: 97
Affected Persons: 485


Damaged houses: 97Damaged public buildings / facilities: 4

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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