Indonesia, Flooding in Langsa City, Aceh Province

21:37 Nov 5 2020 Langsa City, Aceh Province

Floods in Langsa City, Prov. Aceh

• Due to high intensity rain accompanied by the overflowing water of the Krueng Langsa river on Thursday, November 5 2020 at 05.00 WIB

Kec. Langsa City
Gp. Java
Kec. Old Langsa
Gp. Factory Hut
Gp. Sidodadi
Gp. Selalah New
Gp. Pondok Kemuning
Kec. Langsa Baro
Gp. Geudubang

Fatalities :
• 722 HHs affected

Material Disadvantages:
• ± 722 housing units were submerged
• TMA 60 - 120 cm

Effort :
• BPBD Langsa City is ready to be on standby by lowering 2 rubber boats at 2 different locations and evacuating flood victims. Also attending the location of the coordinator, the head of emergency, the head of emergency and logistics and being directly monitored by PLt Kalaksa BPBD Langsa City.
• BPBD Langsa City urges the public to always be vigilant because lately there have been frequent rains accompanied by strong winds.

State of the art:
• Currently, the flood is still ongoing
• Dinsos Kota Langsa established a public kitchen in Gampong Jawa Dusun tanjungutus

• Pusdalops BPBD Langsa City Bpk. Baihaqi
• Pusdatin BPBD Prov. Aceh Ibu Linda

Informed by:
Complaint / Call Center Number: 117 (Toll Free)
Instagram: pusdalops_bnpb
Twitter: @Bnpbpusdalops
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Langsa City, Aceh Province


Affected Families: 722
Affected Persons: 3610


Damaged houses: 722

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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