Indonesia, Flooding and Landslide in Kebumen, Central Java

12:14 Oct 30 2020 Kebumen, Central Java

Flood and landslides hit Kebumen Region, Central Java Province after high intensity rainfall on Monday 26 October 2020 0300 hrs local time.

Affected Locations:
1. Prembun Sub-region
2. Alian
3. Kebumen
4. Karanganyar
5. Kemit
6. Puring
7. Sempor
8. Padureso
9. Pejagoan
10. Sruweng
11. Karangsambung
12. Karanggayam
13. Rowokele

Displaced Communities:
In total there are 2.107 displaced people, with the following details:
- 995 people evacuated in Madureja Elementary School
- 1.112 people evacuated in Elementary Schools and Sidobunder elevated house.

Actions taken by Local Disaster Management Authority (BPBD Kebumen):
- Conduct rapid assessment in several point in Kebumenn region and coordinate with relevant agencies
- BPBD Kebumen conduct a coordination meeting with the consortium of head sub-regions, military, police, and volunteer in Madurejo Elementry School.
- The BPBD officers and volunteers in Madurejo Village, Puring Sub-region are continuously monitoring the situation in the filed and ready to evacuate affected people as necessary.
- Distribute 25 pcs wire gabions (to hold the river bank) to Karanggayam Region
- Distribute 30 pcs wire to Padureso Region
- Distribute 19 package of family kits to Jatiluhur Village, Karanganyar Sub-region.
- Distribute Sandbag to Pesuningan Village, Prembun Sub-region
- Distribute food items to Al Khafi Somlangu Boarding School in Suberadi Village, Kebumen Sub-region
- Distribute clean water to Sidobunder Vilage, Puring Subregion and Mangunharjo Village, Adimulyo Sub-region
- The local authority is in preparation of declaring the state of Emergency Response.

Source: BPBD Kebumen
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Kebumen, Central Java


Affected Families: 2695
Affected Persons: 7949
Displaced Persons: 2107
Evacuation Centre: 3


Access to early warning: Yes

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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