Philippines, Storm in Region II, III, and CALABARZON (TS PEPITO)

18:00 Oct 22 2020 Regions II, III, and CALABARZON

A total of 34,404 families or 162,958 persons were affected by the Tropical Storm “Pepito” in 230 barangays in Regions II, III and CALABARZON.

There are 4,071 families or 18,436 persons taking temporary shelter in 67 evacuation centers in Regions II, III and CALABARZON.

There are 2,023 families or 9,624 persons currently staying with their relatives and/or friends in Regions II, III and CALABARZON.

A total of ₱233,738.00 worth of assistance was provided to the families; of which, ₱44,650.00 was provided by DSWD and ₱189,088.00 from LGUs
Additional Data
Country: Philippines
Affected Area / Region: Regions II, III, and CALABARZON


Affected Families: 34404
Affected Persons: 162958
Displaced Persons: 28060
Evacuation Centre: 67


Cost of Assistance (USD): 4812

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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