Indonesia, Floods in Ketapang District, West Kalimantan

22:00 Sep 22 2020 Ketapang District, West Kalimantan

Update from BNPB: 25 Sep
The local Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) reported moderate to high intensity rain occurred Friday night (25/9) around 19.30 WIB. Floods still persist and there is an increase in several locations with inundation height of 40 to 150 cm. On the other hand, the inundation in Simpang Dua Village has reportedly receded.

Temporary data as of today (25/9), as many as 2,076 households are affected. They are spread across three sub-districts, namely Sungai Laur District (16 affected villages), Simpang Dua (4 villages) and Balai Bekuak (4 villages). Residents who evacuated and took refuge in the homes of relatives and neighbors are still collecting data from the local BPBD Rapid Response Team (TRC).

In addition, material losses include 2,076 houses submerged, 1 house washed away and 1 bridge broken.

Floods hit Ketapang District, West Kalimantan on Tuesday (22/9) at 16.22 WIB. The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Operations Control Center (Pusdalops) received information that floods had inundated 15 villages in two sub-districts, Ketapang Regency, West Kalimantan Province, on Tuesday (22/9/2020), at 16.22 WIB.

One of the triggered floods was the high rainfall intensity and lasts quite a long time. Inundation water levels vary from 50 to 250 cm.

The Regional Disaster Management Agency of Ketapang Regency is still collecting data on losses and affected populations.

Fatalities :
• Data collection
• There are Refugee Victims (Data Collection)
Material Disadvantages:
• Data collection
• TMA reaches 50-200 cm
Effort :
• TRC BPBD Kab. Ketapang conducts rapid assessments and coordinates with related agencies
• TRC BPBD Kab. Ketapang Still on the way to a location that is difficult to reach.

Advanced Condition:
• Wednesday, 23 September 2020, at. 07.00 WIB, sunny weather
• Several flood locations have increased the TMA ± 250 cm

Field Constraints:
• Communication access which is difficult to find a flood point
• Access to several flood locations was impassable because the road was flooded and bridges were cut off

Urgent needs :
• Inflatable boat
• Logistics
• Satellite Phone

Updated condition on Saturday , 26 September 2020 at 11.45 reported the following

Fatalities :
• 1,220 households affected

Material Disadvantages:
• ± 684 housing units were submerged
• 1 house unit washed away
• 1 bridge unit was cut
• Water level: 40 - 100 cm

Source: Operations Control Center for the National Disaster Management Agency

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