Viet Nam, Storm in Central Provinces

00:00 Sep 21 2020 Central Provinces, Viet Nam

TC Noul caused some damage to the Central provinces of Vietnam. 4 provinces (Quang Tri, Hue, Da Nang and Quang Nam) have evacuated around 16,391 household or about 54,215 people. Houses were severely affected and the agriculture sector will likely be further suffer due to heavy rain following the storm. There were 6 fatalities and 112 injured, the storm caused severe damage to infrastructure. Due to continued heavy rain, the government warned people of flash floods in these provinces.
Additional Data
Country: Vietnam
Affected Area / Region: Central Provinces, Viet Nam


Death: 6
Injured: 112
Affected Families: 24
Affected Persons: 118


Credibility: UP DOWN -1

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