Indonesia, Flooding in South Bolaang Mongondow Regency, North Sulawesi Province

17:47 Aug 1 2020 South Bolaang Mongondow Regency, North Sulawesi Province

Banjir Bandang in Kab. Bolaang Mongondow Selatan, Prov. North Sulawesi

Due to heavy rain which flushed the entire district. Bolsel since 18:45 Wita on Friday 31 July 2020 caused river water in several areas to overflow namely Bolangaso River, Toluaya River, River, Salongo River, Nunuka River, Mongolidia River, Milangoda River and several other rivers. Until 21.05 o'clock the river water began to overflow and enter community settlements in 2 District Areas namely Kec. Bolaang Uki, and Kec. Helumo

Kec. Bolaang Uki
Ds. Salongo
Ds. Toluya
Ds. Soguo
Ds. West Salongo
Kec. Helumo
Ds. Biniha
Ds. South Biniha
Ds. Halabolu
Ds. Sinandaka
Kec. Tomini
Ds. Pakuku Jaya
Ds. Milangoda
Ds. West Milangodaa

Update: Sunday, August 2, 2020 Pkl. 19:00 WIB

• Kec. Bolaang Uki
• Kec. Helumo
• Kec. Tomini
• Kec. Posigadan
• Kec. Pinolosian
• Kec. Central Pinolosian
• Kec. East Pinolosian

Fatalities :
• 1 person (MD). Mr. Reslan
• 7,046 HH / 22,665 people affected:
- Kec. Bolaang Uki (2,978 households / 9,715 people).
- Kec. Helumo (225 KK / 861 Soul).
- Kec. Tomini (62 households / 250 people).
- Kec. Posigadan (154 HH / 636 Souls).
- Kec. Pinolosian (1749 KK / 5980 Soul).
- Kec. Central Pinolosian (925 KK / 1,729 Souls).
- Kec. East Pinolosian (953 households / 3,494 people).

Material Losses:
• 29 units of houses washed away
• 64 RB housing units
• 5 RB Bridge Units
• 5 damaged roads

Effort :
• Rapid assessment of the impact of floods and flash floods
• Preparing / Providing Evacuation Locations and Places
• Organize Field Public Kitchens
• Carry out health services, by the Health Office
• Preparing Logistics / Basic Needs (Fast Food, Staple Food, Sanitation / Clean Water, Clothing / Clothing needs).
• Deployment of Heavy Equipment to Landslides and Banjir Bandang Locations
• Coordinate with the TNI / Polri related to Security and order implementation of disaster emergency response.
• Emergency Status of Flood & Landslide Disaster Response is determined by the Regent of Bolaang Mongondow Selatan for 14 days starting from Date. July 24 - August 6, 2020.
• The Regent of Bolaang Mongondow Selatan has issued a decree on the formation of a Command Post, which is located in the district square with commander Dandim 1303.
• BPBD together with SAR, TNI, Polri, SKPD related with volunteers to search and evacuate residents to safe places.
• Regency. Bolaang Mongondow Selatan and SKPD related to channeling assistance in the form of fast food, clean water and groceries to affected residents.
• Cleaning of connecting roads in Kab. Bolaang Mongondow - Kab. Bolang Mongondow Selatan and put Excavators.
• Dropping logistics assistance to 3 isolated districts (Helumo, Tomini and Posigadan) by sea.
• BPBD Prov. North Sulawesi has assisted the Command Post and distribution of logistical aid distribution to affected residents.

Current Conditions:
• Most of the water has receded, but if there is rainfall with high intensity, it will flood the residential areas.
• Continuous rain from morning to night with low - high intensity.
• The community is still seeking refuge in a tall neighbor's house, Village Hall and tarpaulin tent.
• Bolaang Mongondow access to South Bolaang Mongondow is prone to landslides if it rains so it is very dangerous to pass.
• Some road segments and bridges were cut off / damaged resulting in 3 sub-districts (Helumo, Tomini and Posigadan) isolated.

Obstacles :
• Damage to several roads and bridges and landslide material still blocked logistical access.
• PDAM's clean water pipes are mostly damaged by landslides.
• The distribution of clean water is less than optimal due to the limited supply of clean water tankers and water toren that cannot cover all affected villages.
• Rain continues to fall.
• Exhausted logistics stock in BPBD Kab. Bolaang Mongondow Selatan.
• Logistics stock in BPBD Prov. North Sulawesi has been exhausted because it has been distributed to regencies / cities where there was a disaster from the beginning of 2020.

BNPB Team Activities:
• Coordinate with the Regent and District Secretary. Bolaang Mongondow Selatan related to GDP of floods & landslides.
• Supporting the GDP Post.
• Coordinate with BPBD Prov. North Sulawesi related to the acceleration of GDP floods and landslides in the district. Bolaang Mongondow and Kab. Bolaang Mongondow Selatan, and preparedness to face the threat of flooding in other Regencies / Cities due to high rainfall up to October 2020.
• Coordination with the Provincial Government. North Sulawesi related to the planned arrival of Heli MI 8 - MTV for dropping logistics to Kab. Bolaang Mongondow Selatan.
• Coordinate with the Deputy Logpal regarding logistics to be sent.

Team Recommendation:
Related to logistics dropping plans to Kab. Bolaang Mongondow Selatan:
• Heli MI 8 - MTV from Palangkaraya arrived at Sam Ratulangi airport on Monday afternoon.
• Logistics from De. 5 BNPB should be sent tonight or tomorrow morning, so they can arrive in Manado no later than Monday night.
• Logistics are stored at Sam Ratulangi Air Force Base for easy and quick access to helicopters.
• Logistics dropping operation starts on Tuesday morning.
• First priority to 3 isolated districts. In order to prepare a helicopter landing site and logistic storage field Post.
• Logistics for refugees around the Command Post, helicopters can land on the square field next to the Command Post.

Source: BNPB Team in Kab. Bolaang Mongondow Selatan
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: South Bolaang Mongondow Regency, North Sulawesi Province


Affected Families: 7046
Affected Persons: 22665


Damaged houses: 93Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 5 bridges blocked, 5 roads blocked

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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