Indonesia, Flooding in Taliabu Island Regency, North Maluku Province

12:50 Jul 31 2020 Taliabu Island Regency, North Maluku Province

Information on Flood and Landslide Development in Kab. Kep. Taliabu, Prov. North Maluku
Update: Friday, July 31, 2020, 11:00 WIB

• Due to high intensity rainfall that occurred since July 29, 2020

Location: Kab. Kep. Taliabu
- Kec. North West Taliabu
- Kec. Lede
- Kec. North Taliabu
- Kec. South Taliabu

Fatalities :
• 1,193 Affected Souls (Data Collection)
• There are victims displaced in relatives' house (Data Collection)

Material Losses:
• ± 1,193 houses are submerged (data collection)
• 1 unit of house washed away
• 1 unit of the people's market was washed away
• 4 bridge units damaged
• Roads covered by landslides (Data Collection)

Effort :
• TRC BPBD Kab. Kep. Taliabu conducts rapid assessments and coordinates with relevant agencies
• BPBD Kab. Kep. Taliabu built an Emergency Wooden Bridge for community activities to the Regency Capital.
• The Regent of Taliabu has established a 14-day Emergency Alert status with 3 times extension (29 June-12 July 2020, 13 July-26 July 2020 and 27 July-9 August 2020)
• BPBD Kab. Kep. Taliabu has opened a Post for Flood and Landslide Management

Obstacles in the Field:
• Difficult access to the location of the incident due to the many roads that have been buried by landslides

Urgent needs :
• Blankets and Medicines
• Logistics / Food
• Evacuation equipment
• Heavy equipment to open road access

Current Conditions:
• 1 person was found drifting safely
• Right now Friday, July 31, 2020, rain with high intensity
• TMA 60 - 70 cm

Source: Mr. Sutomo Kalak BPBD Kab. Taliabu Islands
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Taliabu Island Regency, North Maluku Province


Affected Persons: 1193


Damaged houses: 1193Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 4 bridges units

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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