Myanmar, Flooding in Multiple Regions

06:00 Jul 28 2020 Mandalay Region, Myanmar

Update Aug. 2:
Affected population
Kachin - 4329
Sagaing - 12707
Magway - 6955
Mandalay - 35554
Bago - 3989

Since 19 July, widespread floods triggered by heavy rain and a broken geological sedimentary dike have been reported across Mandalay Region, leading to casualties and damage. The most affected parts are the villages located close to Ayeyarwady River including Amarapura township.

According to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), 200 people have been evacuated and 20,000 affected.

National authorities and the IFRC are conducting a rapid assessment and are providing help for those most affected.

For the next 24 hours, heavy rain with thunderstorms are forecast across most parts of the country including Mandalay Region.

Floods affected townships and number of HH data as of 27th July 2020 (evening)

Seasonal Flooding

Kachin State

Township Name- Bhamo, Shwegu, Hpakhant, Tsawlaw, Lamaing and Moekaung township affected seasonal floods

Total 30 -evacuation site- number of affected households- 1383, affected population- 6649

Sagaing Region

Township Name-Ka Thar, Tigyaing, Hkamti, Mingin

Total- 20 evacuation site (evacuated to relative houses)- number of affected households- 1451, affected population- 6516

Magway Region

Townsip Name- Chauk, Yeynanchaung, Magway, Kanma

Total- 20 evacuation site- number of affected households- 213, affected population- 884

Flash Floods

Mandalay Region

Township Name- Amarapura, Tataroo, Sintkaing, Thabaikkyin

Total- 47 evacuation site- number of affected households- 6466, affected population- 24272

Update 30 Jul:
Myanmar state media reported on 30 July that the Ayeyarwady (also Ayeyawady and Irrawaddy) River burst its banks in Sagaing Region, prompting the evacuation of 6,516 people from 1,451 households.

In a report of 29 July, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said nearly 7,750 people in nine townships were displaced between 11 and 27 July by flooding in Kachin state. As of 29 July, some of those displaced had been able to return homes, although 46 temporary shelters were still hosting around 6,650 people.
Additional Data
Country: Myanmar
Affected Area / Region: Mandalay Region


Affected Families: 9513
Affected Persons: 63534
Displaced Persons: 14266
Evacuation Centre: 117


Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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