Indonesia, Flooding in East Aceh Regency, Aceh Province

11:09 Jul 27 2020 East Aceh Regency, Aceh Province

Indonesia, Flooding in East Aceh Regency, Aceh Province
Flooding in Kab. Aceh Timur, Prov. Aceh

Due to rain with high intensity on Wednesday 29 July 2020 at 12.55 WIB

Indra Makmur district
Gp. Perkulokul Rayeuk Utara
Gp. Jambo Lubok

Fatalities :
• 18 families / 75 refugees
• 100 kk / 497 people are affected

Material Losses:
• ± 100 houses are submerged
• TMA 30-100 cm

Effort :
• TRC BPBD Kab. Aceh Timur Lues conducts rapid assessments and coordinates with relevant agencies

Cutting Edge:
• Floods in the village of Perk. Julok North Rayeuk kec. Indra Makmur gradually receded.
• Floods in the Lubok jambo village have increased

Bpk Hendro Pusdalops BPBD Kab. East Aceh
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: East Aceh Regency, Aceh Province


Affected Families: 100
Affected Persons: 497


Damaged houses: 100

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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