Indonesia, Flooding and Landslides in South Sulawesi

19:00 Jun 13 2020 Bantaeng and Jeneponto Regency, South Sulawesi


JAKARTA - Floods and landslides occurred in Rumbia Village, Rumbia District, Jeneponto Regency, South Sulawesi, since Friday (12/6) at 17.00 WITA.

According to the report of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Jeneponto Regency, the floods and landslides were triggered by high rainfall intensity since 13.00 WITA.

As a result of the disaster, four residents were reported missing.

In addition, the floods also dragged the mini-bus car and six houses on stilts which were severely damaged due to being swept away by the current and the access road was buried by landslide material.

The BPBD Rapid Reaction Team (TRC) of the Jeneponto Regency has conducted a rapid assessment and assessment of any damage from the effects of the flood and landslide disasters. In addition, he also coordinated with Makassar Basarnas to search for victims.

The team also opened a road access that was buried by landslides with the Public Works Department using heavy equipment.

Meanwhile, the urgent needs needed are tarpaulins, blankets, tents, logistics and food and other heavy equipment.


JAKARTA - The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Bantaeng Regency has helped flood affected residents to evacuate to safer places until Saturday (6/13).

Some of the places of refuge are the Muhammadiyah Building (PDM), Jalan Raya Lanto with 35 people, Jami Tangnga 2 Mosque with 35 people, 25 in Tappajeng Elementary Schools.

Then Nurul Yaqin Mosque on Jalan Bangau had 20 people, Musala BRI Branch on Jalan Kartini there were 20 people, PGRI Lamalaka Building had 25 people, Cabodo Mosque on Jalan Pahlawan as many as 30 people and COVID-19 Main Command Post as many as 5 people.

As previously informed, the flood disaster struck Bantaeng Regency, South Sulawesi Province since Friday (12/6) at 17.00 WITA.

The flood was triggered by high rainfall intensity in the upstream area and caused the Calendu River discharge to increase significantly.

Then Cekang Balang Sikuyu was reported to have broken down on the right side, causing a number of areas to be flooded.

According to updated data from the Bantaeng Regency BPBD, the affected areas include Pallantikang Village, Tappanjeng Village and Mal surround Village in Bantaeng District.

Furthermore, Bonto Rita Village, Bonto Sunggu Village, Bonto Atu Village, Bonto Lebang Village and Bonto Jai Village in Bissappu District and Bonto Majannang Village in Sinoa District.

Until now, the flood disaster reportedly claimed one death on behalf of Haerul Fatta Ampa, a 14-year-old man, allegedly due to being swept away.

In addition, flooding also caused a 10-meter bridge in the camp. Kaili was damaged and could not be used, the southern ring access road of Bantaeng Regency was cut off along 40 meters in Kaili Camp, the Para-Para and Pandang roads were damaged by a landslide along approximately 200 meters so it could not be used.

Then the Batayya 1 and Batayya 2 roads broke out and were buried by landslides for about 1 kilometer, Balang Sikuyu broke down and broke on the southern wing for about 30 meters, the bridge bridge of the Panaikang River was broken along 15 meters, so did the Balang River embankment Sikuyu along approximately 500 meters in Gaergea.

As a result of the damage also makes some roads impassable to vehicles and must be diverted.

While this is still reported a power outage and clean water has not flowed in several places.

According to the estimated loss of approximately 25 billion for 2,333 houses that were damaged either heavily damaged, moderately damaged or slightly damaged.

Then a loss of approximately 4 billion for Pasar Baru, 2 billion is estimated for losses in shops around the Mangga and Manggis roads, and another 2 billion in losses from damaged office facilities.

So far the Bantaeng Regency BPBD team has made efforts to manage disasters together with joint teams such as the TNI / Polri, Basarnas, Fire Extinguisher, Tagana, Disaster Preparedness Brigade, PMI, Community Organizations, Local Government and volunteers.

Based on reports received to date, some water has receded at several locations.

Raditya Jati

Head of the BNPB Disaster Information and Communication Data Cente

JAKARTA - A 19-year-old teenager became a victim in the flood disaster in Bantaeng Regency, South Sulawesi Province, which occurred since Friday (12/6) afternoon at 16.00 WITA.

According to a report from the Bantaeng Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), the victim on behalf of Haerul (L) has been declared missing and has not yet been found. In addition, some residents were also forced to flee to safer and provided places.

Based on chronology, the flood occurred because it was triggered by rain with high intensity since 15.00 WITA in the upstream area in the mountains.

The high rainfall also caused the Calendu River water discharge to overflow and the Balang Sikuyu Checkdam to burst on the right side. As a result, a number of areas and residential areas and other public facilities were flooded.

According to an updated BPBD report in Bantaeng Regency, floods with a water level of 20-150 centimeters inundated 2 sub-districts and 5 sub-districts.

The details are the Bontos Really Village, Bontowatu Village and Bontorita Village in Bissappu District. Then Palantikang Village and Tapanjeng Village in Bantaeng District.

Bantaeng Regency BPBD has coordinated with Basarnas, Social Service, Health Service, Kodim, TNI / Polri and related agencies for providing logistical assistance and medicines.

Public kitchens have been established in two locations namely, in Bantaeng District and Bissappu District. Meanwhile, other urgent needs that are still needed are logistics and food, clothing, blankets, medicines and velbed or folding mattresses.

Until this press release was reported, the floods in Bantaeng had gradually receded.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Jenoponto and Bantaeng Regency


Death: 1
Missing: 4
Affected Families: 2339
Affected Persons: 11695
Displaced Persons: 195
Evacuation Centre: 9


Damaged houses: 2339Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 2 bridges, blocked roadsAccess to early warning: YesCost of Damage (USD): 2045184.40

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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