Indonesia, Flooding in Tegal City, Central Java

09:30 Jun 4 2020 Tegal City, Central Java

TEGAL - Tidal floods triggered by high tides inundated at least 187 residents' homes which were inhabited by 267 families in the City of Tegal, Central Java, Wednesday (3/6) since 16:30 WIB. In addition to the tide of sea water, tidal flooding is also affected by the low land surface in the affected residential areas.

According to a report from the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Tegal City, the tidal flood inundated in two villages, Muarareja and Tegal Sari.

The details are Gang Muarareja RT 4 RW 2, Gang Kemiri 1 RT 4 RW 3 and Gang Kemiri 3 RT 2 RW 3 in Muarareja Kelurahan, then RT 1, RT 2, RT 6 in RW 10 in Tegal Sari Village.

Acting Head (Acting) Tegal City BPBD Chief Executive Andri Yudi said, until now there were no residents who had fled and still remained in their homes and the water had begun to recede.

"Until now there have been no refugees, the residents have remained in their homes. The height of the tidal water has entered the residents' houses in the range of 20 - 25 cm.

Based on reports and initial assessment results from the BPBD Rapid Reaction Team (TRC) of Tegal City, previously the tidal inundation had occurred on Monday (1/6) with a water level of 10 to 25 centimeters.

The tidal inundation inundated along the north coast of the Java Sea with a length of approximately 700 meters and covered from the Districts of East Tegal to West Tegal.

The submerged coverage includes Gang Muarareja RT 4 RW 2, Gang Kemiri 1 RT 4 RW 3 and Gang Kemiri 3 RT 3 in Muarareja Sub-District, West Tegal District. Then Jalan Kesatrian RT 8 RW 10, Gang Rajungan RT 10 RW 10 and Gang Yuyu RT 10 RW 10 in Tegal Sari Village, West Tegal District.

Furthermore, Jalan Baru Baru 3 RT 3 RW 3 Panggung Village, Jalan Sawu 2 RT 1 RW 11 Panggung Village and Jalan Pesisir Agung RT 13 RW 10 Mintaragen Village in East Tegal District.

So far, the Tegal City BPBD Disaster Management TRC has periodically monitored the tidal water and conducted an assessment and taken the necessary steps to anticipate the subsequent tidal flood.

Raditya Jati

Head of the BNPB Disaster Information and Communication Data Center
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Tegal City


Affected Families: 267
Affected Persons: 1,335


Damaged houses: 187

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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