Viet Nam, Landslide in Chau Phu district, An Giang

06:00 May 27 2020 Chau Phu district, An Giang

27 households have to relocate urgently due to landslides of National Road 91
Part of the road surface of NH91 longer than 40m completely collapsed into the river, 27 households moved urgently.

In the morning of 27/5, the old highway 91, the section of Binh Tan hamlet, Binh My commune, Chau Phu district, An Giang province continued to occur, causing a large landslide, causing 1/3 of the asphalt surface with a length of more than 40m to collapse completely. It all enters the Hau River and shows signs of extending downstream.

According to Nguyen Thanh Lam, Vice Chairman of Chau Phu District People's Committee, there are 81 households located in the affected area. After the incident, 27 households had to relocate urgently out of the danger area. The district will mobilize the remaining households to get ready for relocation.

Previously, on May 23, Highway 91, the road to Binh Tan hamlet, Binh My commune, Chau Phu district occurred cracks in the road surface. The location of this phenomenon is right at the junction of NH91 bypass, The cracks have a width of 3-5 cm, a length of nearly 30 m and a depth of 1/3 of the road.

The initial cause was determined by the change in the flow regime through the curved river, near-shore flow, vertical river roof, soft ground causing cracking phenomenon. Immediately after the appearance of dangerous landslide signs, the functional branch organized the traffic flow, attached fences and signs to prevent waterway and road vehicles passing through this area in order to reduce the load and limit. landslides and ensure the safety of vehicles traveling through this area, limiting unfortunate incidents.
Additional Data
Country: Vietnam
Affected Area / Region: Chau Phu district, An Giang


Affected Families: 81
Affected Persons: 405
Displaced Persons: 85


Damaged houses: 27

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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