Myanmar, Storms in Mon State

06:00 May 30 2020 Mon State, Myanmar

Social Welfare Ministry of Relief and Resettlement; Department of Hazard Management; Officials from the Office of the Director General Kunmingchaung Village tract; Kanchaung village tract; Myeik Thar Village tract; Wharlalar village tract is a village tract; Padaung Chaung Village tract; Kinnaung village tract; Village tract in Kyungpadaw village; And Bethany, and the towns thereof; Aung San Ward Pioneer quarters; Village tract village tract; River Ten Village Tract; In Myo village tract, on 28.5.2020, the housing fund for the 20 houses was damaged by the storm on 28.5.2020; Building Costs for 6 Fallen / Damaged Homes (60,000V / -); 7-day scholarship for a total population of 102 people; There are 17 relief items, (6) marriages (208518 / -) and total relief fund (172420V / -) (30.5).


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Source: Office of the District Chief
Additional Data
Country: Myanmar
Affected Area / Region: Kunming Chaung, Myeik Thai, Wharlalar, Padaung Chaung, Kinnaung, Kyungpadaw, Bethany


Affected Families: 20
Affected Persons: 102


Damaged houses: 20

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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