Indonesia, Flooding and Landslide in Aceh Tengah, Central Aceh Province

16:30 May 13 2020 Takengon subdistrict, Aceh Tengah District

Flash floods accompanied by landslides hit dozens of houses in Paya Tumpi Village, Kebayaan District, Central Aceh. A number of vehicles were also dragged along with the flood and more floods due to high intensity rain that continues to flush the region is expected. The rapid assessment team from the Aceh Tengah's BPBD is recording the number of casualties, floods also damaged coffee plantations and palawija community but until Wednesday afternoon the area has not been inventoried. Data collection of affected houses, and other material impacts still on going. The flash floods and landslides also occurred in several other locations such as in Paya Tumpi Baru Village, Paya Tumpi Induk Village, Daling Bebese Village, and Takengon – Bireun section and several surrounding roads.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Takengon subdistrict, Aceh Tengah District


Injured: 5
Affected Families: 57
Affected Persons: 254
Displaced Persons: 33
Evacuation Centre: 1


Damaged houses: 57Loss of livelihood sources: Coffee and palawija plantation

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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