Indonesia, Flooding in Kepulauan Mentawai Regency

01:00 May 1 2020 Kepulauan Mentawai Regency

Indonesia, Flooding in Kepulauan Mentawai Regency Indonesia, Flooding in Kepulauan Mentawai Regency
Ten villages on Siberut Island were exposed to flooding in the Mentawai Islands Regency on Friday-Saturday, May 1-2, 2020. At least 1756 families were affected in 10 villages in 5 sub-districts, with flood height of 1-2.5 meters including:

North Siberut sub-district:
- Bojakan Village, 206 families
- Sotboya Village, 195 families
- Mongan Poula Village, 287 families
- Muara Sikabaluan Village, 248 families
- Malancan Village, 185 families

Siberut Barat sub-district:
- Sigapokna Village, 141 families
- Desa Madobag, (not yet recorded)

South Siberut sub-district:
- Matotonan Village, 37 families

Siberut Tengah sub-district:
- Saibi Samukup Village, 331 families

Siberut Southwest Sub-district:
- Sagulubbe 'village, 166 families

The authorities have difficulty in distributing aid because the affected location is on Siberut Island, the distance between Sipora Island as the center of government is quite far and in the meantime the wave conditions in the Sea are still quite high (2 May 2020).

The Mentawai Islands Regency Government announces the status of emergency response for 10 days from 1 May to 10 May 2020

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