Indonesia, Flooding and Landslide in North Bolaang Mongondow Regency

21:01 Mar 4 2020 North Bolaang Mongondow Regency

JAKARTA - Conditions of community activity recovered after the floods hit several areas in North Sulawesi Province on March 4, 2020. BPBD of North Bolaang Mongondow Regency informed that some people have started to fix their houses today, Saturday (6/3).

However, some other communities still survive in the refugee camp. Those who are still displaced because their homes are washed away by the flow of water. Whereas related to lighting, electricity and communication networks have returned to normal and the road to the isolated village location can already be accessed.

The local BPBD has made emergency efforts, but there are still needs that need to be met by residents who are still displaced. Assistance that is still needed such as clean water, food, blankets, sleeping mats, clothes, kitchen equipment and toddler food.

The weather monitoring is still cloudy and accompanied by light rain.

Flooding that affected 55 villages in four sub-districts, Sangkub, Bintauna, West Bolangitang and East Bolangitang Districts, caused thousands of residents to suffer.

A total of 16 villages were affected in Sangkub Subdistrict with details of the impact as follows: 87 houses were severely damaged (semi-permanent), 1,760 lightly damaged and the area of ​​rice fields damaged with a potential harvest failure reached 945.68 ha, while the corn field was 246.5 ha. In addition, residents also lost livestock, such as cows, goats and chickens. Flooding also caused damage to the road along the 580 m, culverts, dikes and drainage.

The total number of residents affected by the flood that occurred at 01.00 local time (Wita) was 1,857 households (7,428 people).

In Bintauna Subdistrict, as many as 11 villages with affected populations numbered 1,721 families (6,884 people). 127 houses were damaged by floods (semi-permanent), 49 were moderately damaged and thousands more were slightly damaged, while 717 ha of rice fields were damaged, 45 ha of corn fields and 3 ha of milk fish ponds. Residents also lost their livestock.

Infrastructure damage includes 1,500 meters of heavily damaged roads, 125 m of heavily damaged drainage and 1 Vocational School with minor damage.

In East Bolangitang sub-district, 15 villages were affected with details of houses that were severely damaged 72 units (semi-permanent) including kiosk 6, medium damaged 8 and minor damage 2,272. In addition, 32.25 ha of paddy fields and 30.25 ha of corn fields were damaged and threatened with crop failure.

Infrastructure damage in this sub-district includes severe damage of 300 m of river embankment or gabion, 10 m of talud, 8 meters of elementary school and lightly damaged 80 RKB of primary school, 46 RKB of junior high school and 1 mosque.

The number of affected residents reached 2,351 households (9,404 people).

In West Bolangitang District, 13 villages were affected with 949 households (3,796 inhabitants). As for the damage as follows, the house was heavily damaged 2 units (semi-permanent) including 6 kiosks and 1,071 slightly damaged. The affected infrastructure includes 100 meters of plantation roads and 28 m of heavily damaged embankment. In this district, paddy fields and gardens are also damaged and threatened with crop failure, as well as residents' livestock.

Meanwhile, the disaster that caused 2 lives also affected landslides on several trans Sulawesi roads, namely in Sompiro and Sang Tombolang, Sangkub District, Huntuk and Mome Villages, Bintauna District, Biontong II Village, East Bolangitang District and Tanjung Buaya and Tote Village, West Bolangitang District.

The estimated loss of the four sub-districts in the district is Rp. 26 billion, while the damage value is Rp. 77 billion.

* Gorontalo Flood *

In the neighboring region, the flood also submerged Dunggala Village, Tibawa District, Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo Province on Friday (6/3). However, inundation conditions have receded even though it is still as high as 20-30 cm.

Affected residents numbered 39 families (170 people) and only 1 family (5 people) were displaced. When the flood water reaches 1.2 m.

The BPBD of Gorontalo Regency is assisted by the TNI and Polir to help residents clean up mud in the homes of the affected residents.

Author: Theophilus Yanuarto
Ediotr: Agus Wibowo
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: North Bolaang Mongondow Regency


Affected Families: 6878
Affected Persons: 27512


Damaged houses: 6448Damaged educational facilities (e.g. schools): 4Damaged public buildings / facilities: 11Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 2053 m roads and embankmentsLoss of livelihood sources: 2019.68 ha

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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