Indonesia, Landslide in Tasikmalaya District

05:30 Feb 28 2020 Tasikmalaya District, West Java


(Report on Progress Management of Landslide Disaster Management. Friday , February 282020 at 15.30 WIB)

The landslide incident in Tasikmalaya Regency, we submit the following report:

I.THE CAUSE OF THE INCIDENT- Rain with high intensity

II.TIME AND PLACE OF EVENTDate: Friday, February 28, 2020Pukul: 05.30 WIBdistrict: Tasikmalayasub-district: CisayongVillage: SantanamekarVillage: Kp. Palasari RT / RW 001/002Coordinate point: -7.254623,108.136059

III. CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTThe rain that flushed the area gradually for a long time from evening to nightcause landslides. The starting point of the landslide is in Kp. Peundeuy RT 05 RW 01 VillageSantanamekar Kec. Cisayong, an avalanche is in a paddy field area with P. ± 100m, T. ± 50m. besidescaused by heavy rain with high intensity it also triggers underground water infiltration,because in the landslide path found several streams of water in the ground with a fairly heavy volume.From this incident it is suspected to cause casualties.

IV.FATALITIESData on suspected victimsName: H. DidiAge: 65 yrAddress: Kp. Palasari Indrajaya Village Sukaratu District Kab. Tasikmalaya

V.IMPACTED- Paddy fields were washed away by landslides- Street Environment (Jl. Bongkor) connecting kp. Palasari lebak - Palasari Tonggoh VillageSantanamekar and Indrajaya Village were washed away by landslides. The length of the road is covered by a landslidearound 50-60 m with an average thickness of 1.5-2.5 m, road width 4 m.- Access road R2 / R4 which is cut off to 2 villages while isolated1. Village. Santanamekar Kec. Cisayong as much as 2 RT2. Indrajaya Village Kec. Sukaratu as much as 1 RT / 80 kk 250 inhabitants Temporary alternative roads can only be taken on foot (footpath).- About 8 houses (9 kk) in the initial area of ​​the landslide point are threatened with distance from the starting pointavalanche to settlement + -30m

VI.HANDLING EFFORTS THAT HAVE BEEN DONE- The TRC BPBD TEAM launched at the location to conduct a rapid assessment- Security around the landslide location by installing road signs.- Construction of an emergency bridge to open access to the Palasari Village area of ​​Indrajaya Village- It is feared that landslides will dry up paddy fields above the cliffcontinuation.- Urge the people around the avalanche to remain alert because of the location of the incidentstill very large potential for aftershocks, considering the current entry in the seasonrain.FOLLOW UP EFFORTS- Further coordination between related agencies- Joint SAR Operations will be carried out consisting of BASARNAS, TNI, POLRI, BPBD andother agencies.- Review needs for heavy equipment assistance to help evacuate and open access roadswhile.- Coordination with the Geological Agency to find out more about the causes of landslides.- Further mitigation efforts:• Reducing the level of slope sprawl by processing terraced land in the slope area• Rearrange the flow of water that enters into agricultural slides which can trigger landslidesconsidering that it is currently in the rainy season.• Efforts to plant trees on paddy fields adjacent to cliffs, Treeswhich has a deep root and spacing that is not too tight, including inshort alternating plants that can maintain water drainage.• In the future, efforts will be made to implement the EWS-Early Warning System at pointsvulnerable / landslide potential.

VII. CONSTRAINTS / OBSTACLES- Currently the weather at the scene in the rain is quite heavy with lightning- Landslide material conditions that are still unstable and moving, most likely the potentialaftershocks- The terrain at the scene is quite steep- Signal difficulties in delivering information

VIII. ETCSources of initial information on events: - Bpk. Dadang Wakorlap Cisayong, Babinsa Santanamekar Bpk.Saepul 081329745153Combined SAR Team, consisting of:1. BPBD2. BASARNAS3. TNI4. POLRI5. DISASTER MANAGEMENT OF DISASTERS KAB. TASIKMALAYA6. TAGANA7. PANCASILA YOUTH 8. FKPM9. SATPOL PP10. POLHUT
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Tasikmalaya District, West Java


Affected Families: 80
Affected Persons: 250


Damaged houses: 8

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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