Indonesia, Flooding in Sambelia District

08:14 Feb 24 2020 Sambelia District, East Lombok

MATARAM - BPBD of West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) and local BPBD are still carrying out emergency efforts after the flood in two hamlets until this morning, Monday (24/2). Two affected hamlets namely Melempo and Mentareng Hamlet in Obel Obel Village, Sambelia District, East Lombok.

BPBD and multi-stakeholders work together in an emergency effort, especially in the handling of residents who have to evacuate. Although the inundation has receded, a number of residents have sought refuge in refugee tents and prayer rooms in Melempo Hamlet. The remaining material for flash floods and mud is still being cleaned up by residents assisted by officers.

In addition, clean water supply is also channeled through fire trucks and other logistical assistance in the form of food and mineral water. More than 150 joint personnel assisted with the emergency response effort. They came from the BPBD TRC, the SAR team, the Satpol PP, the Ministry of National Development Planning, the Transportation Agency, the PUPR Service, the Social Service, the Health Service, the sub-district government apparatus, the Sambelia Forkopimda, the TNI, the Police.

Flash floods that occurred on Sunday (23/2) resulted in physical damage to buildings and infrastructure.

"The residents' houses were slightly damaged as many as 4 units, while infrastructure damage in the form of the west side wall of the Darul Qur'an mosque was broken down," said NTB BPBD Chief Executive Officer Ahsanul Khalik.

In addition to the damage, Ahsanul said that the Jebol settlement river embankments at three points and the residents' clean water pipeline network along the 3 km were damaged by flooding. Affected residents numbered 81 families or 255 people. There were no fatalities due to this flash flood.

Author: Theophilus Yanuarto
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Sambelia District, East Lombok


Affected Families: 81
Affected Persons: 255


Damaged houses: 4

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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