Indonesia, Flooding in Greater Jakarta Area

00:00 Feb 24 2020 Greater Jakarta

JAKARTA - Pusdalops BNPB informed 88 refugee points spread across the Jabodetabek and Karawang areas to this day (27/2), at 18.00 WIB. The highest number of evacuation points in East Jakarta is 36 points.

Aside from East Jakarta, the evacuation point is also located in North Jakarta 26 points, Karawang 11, West Jakarta 8, Tangerang City 3, Bekasi Regency and Bekasi City with 2 points each. To date, the number of displaced people is 12,608 households (45,861 people). The highest number was identified in East Jakarta with 7,496 households (27,429 people), while in the Karawang area there were 3,591 households (12,740 people). The death toll is 9 people.

The number of residents affected in the Greater Jakarta area and Karawang Regency was 44,579 households (119,268 people).

Monitoring in the field, flood inundation still occurs with varying heights. In the Bekasi Regency area, the water level is between 20 - 150 cm, Tangerang Regency 42 - 168 cm, Tangerang City is 20 - 130 cm, and Karawang is 150 cm. Other areas such as in DKI Jakarta, Regency and City of Bogor, South Tangerang City have receded.

Meanwhile, related to the early warning weather the BMKG informed the weather potential in the form of heavy rain accompanied by strong winds and lightning in the next two days. Areas that need to improve preparedness include Jabodetabek and West Java. The potential for extreme weather is influenced by Ferdinand's tropical cyclone which has been identified in the Indian Ocean, south of Bali, which is predicted to weaken and move west-southwest.

Agus Wibowo
Head of the BNPB Disaster Data, Information and Communication Center
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Death: 9
Affected Families: 44579
Affected Persons: 119268
Displaced Persons: 45861


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