Indonesia, Flooding in Bekasi Regency

15:25 Feb 23 2020 Bekasi Regency

Description: On Sunday February 23 Jabodetabek area in the rain withthe intensity is quite heavy and long lasting which causes an increase in the volume of water in all streamsresulting in the overflow of water into residential areas, as well as the number of embankments that burst because it is not stronghold the amount of water.

Disaster impact: Submerged almost all residents in several sub-districts

TOTAL NUMBER: 34448 KK, 342186 soul, 672 house

Efforts made:Conduct evacuation with joint sar team, Assessment to affected areas, open public kitchen,logistics distribution, establishment of shelters, distributing ready-to-eat food, helping clean as well as cleanprepare snacks and coffee for people who are clean clean.Current Conditions:In some sub-districts there are some that are already conducive, including central Cikarang sub-districts,South Tambun District, Babelan District, Sukakarya District, for Bungin Branch District, Muarakingpin Still an emergency transition due to the collapse of the citarum river embankment which makes the water flow is still highand endanger the community.Public kitchen still operating: Kec. Bungin branch, Harapan jaya beach, Happy beach, Sukakarya.Head of FK Tagana Bekasi district: KARYO, S. Si., MMTagana Personnel on duty: 50 personnel
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Bekasi Regency


Affected Families: 34448
Affected Persons: 172240


Damaged houses: 672

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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