Indonesia, Flooding and Landslide in Bandongan

15:00 Mar 1 2020 Bandongan


until: WEEK 1 MARCH 2020 AT 15.00 WIB

1. Event Type: Banjir Bandang
Location of Occurrence: Semen Hamlet, Salamkanci Village, Kec. Bandongan
Time of Occurrence: Saturday, February 29, 2020, at 14:00 WIB
Cause: Heavy rain intensity
• 12 affected houses and closed road access
• 1 Getuk production house with minor damage and missing processing machine owned by Mrs. Daliyah 2KK / 5 Jiwa
• 3 drifting motor vehicles

Refugees: 56 HH / 125 Soul Refugees (still in data collection)
Location of Evacuation: Landfill Dsn. Front and home residents

2. Event Type: Landslide (4 points landslide location)
Location of Occurrence: Mudan Hamlet, Salamkanci Village, Kec. Bandongan
Time of Occurrence: Saturday, February 29, 2020, at 16:00 WIB
Cause: Heavy rain intensity
• 1 House Damaged (collapsed) Owned by Bp. Isohmad (40 years) 1 KK / 1 Soul
• 1 Affected house owned by Mrs. Sugiyanti
• 38 houses are threatened
• 2 points on the longosr location close the access road
Refugees: 15 Souls Evacuated (still in data collection)
refugee location: resident's house, Dusun Derepan, TPA


At 07.41 WIB
- Morning apples and briefings were held in the Semen Hamlet, Salamkanci Village, Kec. Bandongan
- The plan for emergency handling operations is divided into 2 Sectors in Semen Hamlet, Salamkanci Village, Kec. Bandongan

At 08.00 WIB
- Emergency handling operations are started by a joint team
For handling in Semen Dusun divided by Sector A and B.
- Sector A (river flow) in the upper Semen Hamlet is divided into 2 teams to clean up material that covers the river flow
- Sector B (affected houses) in Semen Bawah Hamlet is divided into 2 teams for cleaning up materials on the road and cleaning residents' houses.
- Mudan Hamlet divided by 2 teams for handling in 4 locations of landslides

At 11.03 WIB
Emergency Management Progress:
- Mudan Hamlet
1. The point where the first landslide closed the access road is complete
2. The point where the second landslide closed the access road has been completed
3. The point of the third landslide closes the access road 10%
4. The handling of heavily damaged houses (Bp. Isohmad) has been completed followed by cleaning the surrounding environment
- Cement Hamlet
1. Sector A avalanche material cleans up 30% of river flow
2. Sector B cleansing material for access roads and houses is 25% affected. Drifting motor vehicles have been found

At 12.00 WIB
- ± 750 packaged rice from donors and BPBD has been distributed to the joint and Refugees Team
- Most of the refugees have left the refugee camps
- From the results of the rapid assessment by the joint team, in Semen Dusun, 7 cracks were found on the peak of the landslide that had the potential for a subsequent landslide.
- The current condition of heavy intensity rain occurred in the Bandongan District area, the entire team was pulled back to the field post and temporarily all the handling was stopped

At 15:00 WIB
- Mudan Hamlet
1. Handling the second point of closing the access road is complete
- Ngaglik Hamlet
1. For the third point, enter Ngaglik Hamlet, Balekerto Village, Kec. Kaliangkrik and for handling cleaning has reached 70%, at 15.00 WIB the treatment was stopped temporarily because the avalanche material was muddy and did not allow for manual cleaning.
- Cement Hamlet
1. Handling cleaning the flow of water / river that had been closed.
- ± 910 packaged rice from donors and BPBD has been distributed to surviving refugees and joint teams
- The evaluation plan for handling today is Sunday, March 1, 2020 and coordination of the next handling will be carried out at 15.30 WIB
- At 6:00 PM West Indonesia Time the team at the Derepan TPA together with PMI and the youth will do a health check and data collection for refugees both at the TPA and at your relative's house.

- Emergency Response Commander: Head of Emergency and Logistics (Mr. Supranowo, SH, MM)
- The leader of the operating plan: Head of BPBD Regency. Magelang (Mr. Drs. Edy Susanto)
- Personnel involved:
- ± 478 personnel from the joint team

• Review quickly to the scene
• Emergency handling of affected houses and access roads
• Rescuing and evacuating victims
• Management of refugees
• Open soup kitchens and field posts
• Coordination with local government and related agencies
• Determination of 7-day emergency response period

Resources :
Magelang Regency BPBD
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Bandongan


Affected Families: 59
Affected Persons: 140
Displaced Persons: 140


Damaged houses: 14

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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