Indonesia, Flooding and Landslide in Magelang Regency

17:04 Mar 1 2020 Magelang Regency

Reports of natural disasters of landslides and flash floods in Salamkanci Village, Kec. Bandongan, Magelang Regency

The number of refugees is 56 families / 165 people

Public kitchen This Sunday morning provides logistical needs for 250 refugees and volunteers

DU 700 for refugees and volunteers.

Giat Morning, open road access and water access.

Afternoon carry out cleaning the affected house
Number of victims affected;

Vulnerable groups:
Elderly 17 org

Children 4 org

Difabel -

Tagana cleaning (clean house and environment clean) carried out Tagana along with affected victims who were displaced.

If it rains this afternoon, and the house is not yet in good condition, the affected victims will return to the refuge.

# Of the number of HHs affected there are 4 houses that require attention for relocation.
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Affected Area / Region: Magelang Regency


Affected Families: 56
Affected Persons: 165
Displaced Persons: 165


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