Indonesia, Flooding in South Sulawesi

08:35 Jan 13 2020 South Sulawesi

JAKARTA - The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of South Sulawesi Province reported several disasters related to high-intensity rain and whirlwinds on Sunday (12/1). This extreme weather phenomenon is in accordance with BMKG forecasts, namely the potential for heavy rain in the South Sulawesi region with the status 'Alert.'

On Sunday (12/1) flooding occurred in Buludua Hamlet, Balusu Village, Barru Regency, South Sulawesi. Rain with high intensity flushed from 00.00 Wita to 10.30 Wita. The incident triggered an overflow of the local river. Around 121 HHs have been affected by flooding in this village.

On the same day (12/1) floods and whirlwinds occurred in three sub-districts in Barru Regency, South Sulawesi. The three affected districts are Balusu, Soppeng Riaja and Mallusetasi. The incident resulted in houses being flooded and a number of infrastructure damaged. In addition, the flow of trans-Sulawesi traffic is closely monitored. This flooding caused damage to three houses of residents in the category of heavily damaged and damage to village road infrastructure in the Oring region, Balusu District, one suspension bridge in Kiru-Kiru Village, Soppeng Riaja District, and beach embankments in S. Binangae Village and Ajakkang Market in Balusu District .

Local BPBD reported 1 person died due to flooding.

Flooding also occurred in the City of Parepare, South Sulawesi on Sunday (12/1). BPBD of South Sulawesi Province reported that heavy rain fell throughout the City of Parepare, causing inundation at several points with varying water levels. However, inundation soon subsided and community activities gradually returned to normal. On the previous day (11/1) puddles had occurred in the City area, which was triggered by rain accompanied by strong winds.

Some of the events above show threats that are triggered by hydrometeorological phenomena moving to the regions of central and eastern Indonesia. BMKG has also given early warnings to a number of areas with the status 'Alert' to 'Alert.' Therefore, the BNPB appealed to the central and eastern regions BPBD to be on alert, one of which was to monitor the early warning given by BMKG so that they could continue early warning to the community.

Agus Wibowo

Head of the Disaster Data, Information and Communication Center of BNPB
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