Indonesia, Flooding in Grobogan Regency

14:10 Jan 9 2020 Grobogan, Central Java

AKARTA - Floods hit eight sub-districts in Grobogan Regency, Central Java, since Wednesday (8/1) night. The incident also caused 1 resident to die on behalf of Hj. Florentina Siti Haryatmi because she slipped inside the house and Jebolan Dike Jajar River in Karangrayung around 19.30 WIB.

According to the interim report of the Head of the Implementing Agency (Kalaks) of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Grobogan Regency, Endang Sulistyoningsih, the flooding was caused by water sent from the upper region (south / forest and Boyolali) via the Tuntang River and Jajar Baru River after high intensity rains from 0 13.30 until 18.15 WIB.

The eight districts include; Karangrayung Subdistrict, Gubug Subdistrict, Godong Subdistrict, Tanggungharjo Subdistrict, Tegowanu Subdistrict, Penawangan Subdistrict, Kedungjati Subdistrict and Purwodadi Subdistrict.

Based on preliminary data, the water level and the number of affected households in each region are as follows:

Purwodadi Subdistrict
A puddle occurred in the Simpang lima Utara area, Jetis, Seputaran Purwodadi Square with an altitude between 20-40 Cm, there were no residents' houses which was flooded and at 18:00 WIB the water had receded.

Penawangan District
Water level 20-40 cm, receding water - / + at 21:00 West Indonesia Time with impacts in the area:
1. Bologarang Village inundated 60 houses,
2. Wait Village inundated 180 houses
3. 3. Watupawon Village flooded 38 houses
4. Village Jipang inundated 60 houses
5. Kramat village inundated 384 houses in

Karangrayung Subdistrict
Impacts in the region:
1. Mojoagung Village in Karangjati, Medalen, Krasak, Mojo, Bangkal, Nggetas and Ngejok 450 KK
villages - Bobolan embankment in Kali Jajar in Dsn. Mendalan P = 41 m, L = 4.5 m, Depth of 1.6 m
- The embankment of the Kali Jajar embankment south of the railroad track P = 41 m, L = 5m, Depth 2 m
2. Mangin Village Pulo 5 KK
village 3. Sumberjosari Village - / + 200 households in Jajar Hamlet, Sumber Barat, Sumber Timur, Tandan, Karanglo, Mendang and Kedungwungu.
1 house (Marminah) collapsed, 7 residents' houses were damaged, 1 goat died.
4. Pangkalan Village in Pangkalan and Tangkis 150 KK
hamlets 5. Termas Village in Termas hamlet, Getas
6. Rawoh Village rawoh 150 KK hamlet
7. Dempel Village Dempel Hamlet has broken embankments

Godong District
Impacts in the region:
1. Anggaswangi Village
2. Werdoyo Village RT 01-02 RW 02 flooded - / + 50 households height of 15-50 cm due to overflowing Jajar

Air District came around 17:00 to 22:30 WIB began to recede, the impact in the area:
1. Kalimaro Village Lukas Village / / + 50 houses flooded and water in the yard - / + 30-60 Cm
2. Kedungjati Village Blandongan and Kalikan hundreds flooded houses and water in the yard - / = 50-100 Cm
3. Wates Village Tamban and Wates Hamlet hundreds of houses flooded and water in the yard - / = 50-100 Cm
4. Klitikan Village Klitikan Hamlet - / + 30 houses flooded and water in the yard - / = 100 Cm
5. Jumo Village Dawung Hamlet - / + 70 houses flooded and water in the yard - / = 30-50 Cm

Tanggungharjo District
11 houses residents of Sugihmanik Village Gedangan Hamlet flooded with water level - / + 70 cm, at around 23:30 the water has receded.

Gubug Subdistrict
Impacts in the region:
1. Village of Awareness of 1,000 People
2. Village of Glapan 2,000 People
3. Village of Ngroto 6,700 People
4. Village of Trisari 1,500 People
5. Village of Ginggangtani 3,000 People
6. Village of Kuwaron 6,000 People
7. Desa of Papanrejo 2,000 People
8. Kunjeng Village 2,000 Soul
9. Rowosari Village 2,900 Soul
10. Gubug Village 900 Soul
11. Jeketro Village 2000 Soul
12. Gapanet Glapan's house was washed away - / + at 23.00 West Indonesia Time
13. Need for heavy machinery for the recovery of embankments that broke down

Tegowanu District
1. Village Sukorejo - / + 85 houses were flooded with a height of between 20-50 cm, at around 23:30 West Indonesia time the water had receded.

For the flood disaster, Grobogan Regent Sri Sumarni has established an Emergency Response Status starting Wednesday, January 8, 2019 for the next 7 days.

In addition, the Regent also requested that the UPT Service together with BPBD Grobogan, the District Government, Village Heads to the elements of the TNI / Polri jointly help alleviate the difficulties faced by residents over the natural disaster.

"All must move and work together," said Sri Sumarni while directly observing the flood conditions in the village of Mojoagung on Wednesday (8/1) night.

Starting today, Thursday (9/1) a public kitchen was made in the Gubug District Pendopo and Mojoagung Village Hall Karangrayung District. Handling assistance was also obtained from the BPBD SAR Team of Demak Regency and Pos Jepara Basarnas.

Until this news was revealed, the Grobogan BPBD team continued to report and evacuate and clear the field with the TNI / Polri and all potential volunteers in Grobogan District.

Agus Wibowo
Head of the BNPB Disaster Information and Communication Data Center
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Grobogan


Death: 1
Affected Families: *7823 ( approx. 6000 in Gubug district)
Affected Persons: 39115


Damaged houses: 8

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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