Indonesia, Flooding in West Sumatra Province

12:24 Dec 22 2019 West Sumatra Province

LIMAPULUH KOTA - Due to the high intensity of rainfall from 19 to 21 December 2019 from 19.00 to 15.00 West Indonesia Time, floods and landslides hit 8 Districts in Lima Puluh Regency, West Sumatra Province. The affected areas include Pangkalan Koto Baru Subdistrict, Kapur IX Subdistrict, Situjuah Limo Nagari Subdistrict, Akabiluru Subdistrict, Guguak Subdistrict, Payakumbuh Subdistrict, Lareh Sago Halaban Subdistrict, and Harau Subdistrict. The flood and landslide disaster caused several cracked and broken road bodies, houses were buried by landslides, and residents' houses were submerged.

The landslide in Nagari Koto Alam, Pangkalan Koto Baru sub-district caused a part of the road body to crack along approximately 60 meters, 4 houses collapsed, and 6 families (8 people) were affected.

Landslides and floods in Nagari Koto Tua, Kec. Kapur IX caused the road connecting Lubuk Alai - Koto Lamo to be completely broken, 4 houses were damaged and 800 families were isolated. On this day Saturday, 21-12-2019 has recovered so that the community is no longer isolated.

Landslide in Nagari Suayan, Kec, Akabiluru, erupted on a cliff and eroded a road, and also threatened 6 households, and caused two houses to be inundated. Currently the flood has receded and the road can be passed again. Flooding also occurred in Nagari Sarial Laweh which caused the river bank to collapse and threatened 8 families (25 people) in the surrounding area.

Landslides also occurred Nagari Simpang Sugiran, Kec. Guguak caused the resident's house. Lebayam (80 years old) is buried by landslide material and is piling up a road body. Currently it is handled and the road can be passed.

Flooding occurred in Nagari Piobang, Kec. Payakumbuh and caused 3 houses residents submerged. Now the flood has receded.

Flooding also occurred in Nagari Balai Panjang, Kec. Lareh Sago Halaban and caused the 190 KK house to be submerged. Now the flood has receded.

Floods also hit Nagari Sarilamak and Taram, Kec. Harau which caused some houses to be submerged. Now the flood has receded.

Joint officers from the BPBD and related OPD, TNI, POLRI, residents and others have taken to the field to conduct rapid assessments, cleaning, piling roads and providing assistance to affected residents. At this time the banjri has receded and some roads that have been buried by landslide material can already be passed.

Agus Wibowo

Head of the BNPB Disaster Information and Communication Data Center
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: West Sumatra


Affected Families: 1007
Affected Persons: 5035


Damaged houses: 8

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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