Malaysia, Flooding in Peninsular and East Malaysia

09:00 Dec 23 2019 Pasir Mas, Jeli, Pahang and Sabah

A second wave of flooding has affected parts of Peninsular Malaysia, just a few days after many had returned home from flooding that began in early December, when 2 people died and 15,000 were displaced.

As of 20 December 2,058 people had moved from their homes to evacuation centres in Pasir Mas and Jeli. Dozens of villages are under flood water as deep as 1.5 metres. Local observers reported that the flooding was sudden and flood waters rose rapidly.

The Golok river in Pasir Mas has exceeded danger levels, standing at 10.32 (danger is 9m) as of 20 December. Tanah Merah district recorded 288mm of rain in 24 hours on 18 December. Kampung Air Bol in Jeli recorded 186mm during the same period.

In the neighbouring of Pahang, around 316 people have been displaced by flooding in Temerloh district. The Pahang river in Temerloh reached 29.72 metres on 18 December, above alert level of 29 metres.

Meanwhile in East Malaysia, further flooding has affected parts of Sabah State, where around 800 people have moved to evacuation centres in Tenom district. Some evacuations were also reported in Beaufort and Keningau.

Flooding in Sabah state earlier this month prompted around 300 people to evacuate.
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Country: Malaysia
Affected Area / Region: Pasir Mas, Jeli, Pahang and Sabah


Death: 2
Affected Families: 3,223
Affected Persons: 16,116
Displaced Persons: 16,116


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