Thailand, Flooding in Narathiwat Province

13:16 Dec 8 2019 Narathiwat Province

Narathiwat Province, November 30, 2019 at 08.00 hrs. Heavy rain caused flooding in the area of 13 Tue 73, T. 487.Communities / villages such as Su-Ngai Ko-lok District, Sukirin District, Su-ngai Padi District, Ra-ngae District, Yi-Ngor District, and Jai District Municipality, Rueso District, Si Sakhon DistrictWaeng District, Tak Bai District, Bacho District, and Cho-airong District Houses affected 20,458 households 58,660 peopleRoad 28, School 39, 182 people in the municipality 4 who have migrated to 52 householdsHas returned to all shelters No injuries and deaths The province has declared a disaster affected area.And announced the disaster assistance area in the event of an emergency Currently, there are still 3 floods which areSu-ngai Ko-Lok district (4 sub-district) Su-ngai padi district (2 sub-district) Tak Bai district (5 sub-district), while other districts flooded in low-lying areasIn some areas of agriculture, the tendency of the water level to decrease.- On 6 December 2019, the Minister of Interior (General Anupong Phaachinda) and the group traveled to the areaExperiencing flooding in Sungai Kolok District In order to monitor the flooding situation and provide survival bags to flood victims in the areaHelp Ratchaprachanukroh Foundation Donated 2,000 sets of relief bags to Volunteer FoundationFriends in Need (PA) in times of need donate 6,000 sets of relief bags and 10,000 bottles of drinking water. Department of Prevention and MitigationPublic donations 2,000 sets of relief bags, Zone 12, Songkhla Province, support 1,000 sets of survival bags, 2 drinking water production vehicles24,080 bottles of drinking water, clothing for 53 households, 186 people. Police sergeant, district military unitLAO, Orphan. Orphan., Volunteer Support Foundation, 41 Pram boats, 2 trainers, 3 drinking water production cars15 life jackets, 5,000 sandbags, 2,200 bottles of drinking water, Irrigation Office 17, installed water pumps to accelerate the pumping.Down the Yakang Canal, Police Department of Transport (OCSC) by MD. 41 Police Station 4 Police Station / Police Aviation Police Station 41 Police Station 4 Support officers7 disaster relief officers, 1 inspection vehicle, 1 water supply truck, field car, ISOC Region 4 front section200 survival bags were donated. Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SAO) donated 385 survival bags to Kalayanani Camp.Wattana donates 274 sets of disaster relief bags, Rama 151, 622 sets of relief bags, Director-General of the Department of Natural Resources.Marine and coastal donated 1,200 sets of survival bags. The Office of Insurance Commission3,000 bottles from the Narathiwat Red Cross office, donating 730 survival bags, Lion Club donating 120 setsAnd related agencies have provided initial assistance
Additional Data
Country: Thailand
Affected Area / Region: Narathiwat Province


Affected Families: 20,458
Affected Persons: 58660
Displaced Persons: 182


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