Indonesia, M7.1 Earthquake in Jailolo Sea

00:00 Nov 15 2019 Bitung, Manado, Gorontalo, Ternate, Buol

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 (previously reported as 7.4) at a depth of 73 km has occurred, the epicenter was at sea 134 West of Jailolo Sea, Indonesia, on 14/11/2019 at 23:17 (UTC+7). Source: BMKG. Recorded intensities:

IV-V Bitung
IV-V Manado
III-IV Gorontalo
III-IV Ternate
II Buol

Previously BMKG stated the status of tsunami early warning after the main 7.1 M earthquake that ended at 01.45 WIB. BMKG also updated reports of tsunami waves with a height of 0.6 meters each in Ternate (23.43 WIB), 0.9 meters in Jailolo (23.43) and 0.10 meters in Bitung (00.08 WIB).

While there are no reports of infrastructure damage or casualties. The joint team of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) together with the TNI / Polri is working on a rapid assessment related to the earthquake.

National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) received information from West Halmahera BPBD that there were no reports of damage or casualties. Residents reportedly have returned to their respective homes and have normal activities and stated further that it continues to patrol and collect data related to the situation on the ground.

Meanwhile, the situation in Bitung City is in normal condition. But there are still people who survive in high places because there are aftershocks. Until now there have been no reports of damage and casualties.

Monitoring in Ternate City illustrates that community activities tend to be normal. Information were also recieved that where were no reports of city residents related to damage, including victims. BPBD of Ternate City is still intensively conducting monitoring while communicating with the Mayau Kelurahan, Batang Dua Subdistrict and other islands in the outermost area of ​​Ternate City which are close to the epicenter. The local village office is still collecting data related to damage in the region.

BPBD of Ternate City also informed that residents who moved away from the beach last night began to return to their homes this morning. BPBD appealed to always be on standby in relation to aftershocks.

BNPB Pusdalops data noted 2 people suffered injuries on behalf of Delvi Peo and the Flower Machine. Both are from Batang Dua Subdistrict, Ternate City.

While the impact of the damage, the earthquake triggered damage in Ternate City such as houses and houses of worship were slightly damaged. The BNPB Pusdalops recorded 6 lightly damaged houses, including in Mayau Kelurahan 3 units, Lekewi 2 and Bido 1. All of them were in Batang Dua Subdistrict, Ternate City, while 2 church units were slightly damaged in Bido and Lelewi Sub-Districts.

Continued efforts are coordinating with BMKG, Regency and City BPBD and related sectors to identify victims of damage and losses due to the earthquake. In addition, a post was established at Jalan Hasan Esa Takoma, Ternate.


Update - 19 November 2019

There are no more residents displaced after the earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 shook the Ternate region some time ago. Residents who had evacuated decided to return to their homes.

Local BPBD data recorded 39 houses were slightly damaged. Meanwhile, the earthquake also affected the regions of Southeast Minahasa and Minahasa Districts, North Sulawesi Province. Each district has 1 office unit and 2 houses with the category of minor damage

Two injured people from the Mayau Kelurahan have received treatment. They suffered minor injuries. There were no fatalities.

The local government, in particular the city of Ternate has set the status of earthquake disaster response for 7 days, starting from November 15 to November 21 2019. The Command Post for Disaster Management for the Earthquake has also been activated and is operating in the BPBD Office of Ternate City. While related to operational tactical efforts, the field post was established at the Batang Dua Sub-District Office on Mayau Island.

Responding to emergency response in the field, BNPB provided ready-to-use (DSP) funding of Rp. 250 million. In addition, the BNPB Rapid Reaction Team (TRC) also provided logistical support for basic needs to the BPBD of Ternate City and North Maluku Province. The assistance is in the form of food items and non-food items.

Learning from the earthquake that occurred on November 14, 2019, at 23:17 WIB, the preparation of an early warning system as well as signs and evacuation routes, particularly in Batang Dua District (Mayau Island) became one of the recommendations of the BNPB TRC. In addition, education efforts to local residents to build preparedness to face the potential danger of earthquake and tsunami.
Additional Data
Country: Select
Affected Area / Region: Bitung, Manado, Gorontalo, Ternate, Buol


Injured: 2
Affected Families: 21
Affected Persons: 105
Displaced Persons: 105


Damaged houses: 41Damaged public buildings / facilities: 7

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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