Viet Nam, Tropical Storm MATMO

15:01 Nov 1 2019 South-central regions

The National Center for Hydro-meteorological Forecast of Viet Nam (NCHMF) reported that Tropical Storm MATMO formed and moved over the open waters of the South China Sea on Tuesday (29 October 2019) and moved west-northwest towards Viet Nam. Warm ocean water, weak wind shear and little to no interaction with land helped the low pressure area (LPA) system to strengthen into a tropical storm. On 30 October 2019 at 07:00 (UTC+7), its centre was approximately 275 km east-southeast of
Quy Nhon City (Binh Dinh Province, central Viet Nam) with maximum sustained winds of 65 km/h
(tropical storm). Through Thursday (31 October 2019) afternoon, TS MATMO weakened and became a
LPA again.


About people:
- 01 ng died (Mr. Pham Van Nam in Q. Ngai, mentally ill, fell down a stream washed away by floods); 01 person missing (Mr. Phan Thanh Dinh from N. Dinh, crew member of Thanh Cong 999 ship was hit by big waves in Ha Tinh sea); 14 people were injured (Q. Ngai).

- 179 houses collapsed (Quang Ngai: 07; Binh Dinh: 144; Phu Yen: 28)

- 2,326 houses were damaged (Quang Nam: 65; Quang Ngai: 671; Binh Dinh: 1,120; Phu Yen: 303; Gia Lai: 159, Thua Thien Hue: 08);

- 2,076 houses were flooded (Binh Dinh: 1,962; Phu Yen: 83; Gia Lai: 3; TTHue: 28).

About boats:
98 ships and boats were damaged (Binh Dinh: 45; Phu Yen: 34; Khanh Hoa: 19);

Regarding agriculture:
- 218 hectares of rice were damaged (Phu Yen);

- 5,554.9 hectares of crops were damaged (Quang Binh: 52ha; Quang Tri: 21.5ha; Quang Ngai: 701.4ha; Binh Dinh: 4,500 ha; Phu Yen: 210 ha; Khanh Hoa: 70ha).

- 78.5 hectares of aquaculture were damaged (Binh Dinh: 20 hectares; Phu Yen: 52 hectares; Gia Lai: 6.5 hectares); 57 damaged cage cages (Quang Binh: 8; Binh Dinh: 39; Khanh Hoa: 10).

- Cattle and poultry: 21 dead animals (Quang Ngai 8, Phu Yen 10, Gia Lai 3); 23,294 poultry died and swept away (Quang Ngai 20,206, Phu Yen 3,088)

- 1,613 broken and fallen trees (Binh Dinh: 1,500 trees; Phu Yen: 113 trees); 550 flower pots were damaged (Quang Ngai).

Regarding irrigation and dikes:
- Damaged embankment: 5,550m (Quang Binh: 3,250m, Quang Ngai: 100m; Binh Dinh: 2,200m, heavily damaged 200m of Nhon Hai sea embankment); East dike (Binh Dinh) landslide 127m downstream, 01 overflow.

- Canal: damaged 6.807m (Binh Dinh: 5,817m; Phu Yen: 990) and landslide 6,100 m 3 of rock and soil (Phu Yen).

- Riverbank along the coast is eroded: 4,650m (Binh Dinh).

About traffic:
- Roads: damaged 6,936m (Binh Dinh: 3,300m; Quang Ngai: 3,336m: Gia Lai: 300m) and landslides 17,091m 3 of soil and rock (Quang Ngai: 11,745; Phu Yen: 4,596, Khanh Hoa: 750 ).

Regarding electricity and telecommunications:
- Electricity poles were broken: 172 (Q. Ngai: 35; Binh Dinh: 112; Phu Yen: 10; Gia Lai: 15).

- Broken electric wire: 10,000m (Binh Dinh).

- Damaged transformer station: 04 (Quang Ngai).

School damaged: 39 schools (Quang Ngai 11; Binh Dinh 15, Phu Yen 09; Gia Lai: 04)



1 . Center:

- The National Committee for Accident Response and Search and Rescue has directed the Maritime Rescue Center, Coast Guard, Border Guard and mobilized forces to continue searching for 01 missing person on Thanh Cong 999 ship. sinking in Ha Tinh sea area.

- The National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting will continue to provide flood and storm warning and warning news and information to people and relevant agencies to actively prevent, avoid and respond.

- The Vietnam Television Station, the Voice of Vietnam Radio and the mass media agencies at the central and local levels continue to provide information and communication on the happenings of rain and flood and remedial work.

- The Standing Office of the Central Steering Committee on Preventive Medicine will organize a serious committee to actively monitor and update the situation of rain and floods, urge localities to overcome the consequences and deploy to cope with rain and floods.

- Provinces / cities from coastal areas from Quang Nam to Khanh Hoa and the Central Highlands organize to overcome the consequences of storms and floods. Restoring the faulty electricity system and environmental sanitation after the storm, restoring traffic and production.

- The Steering Committee of Information and Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue in provinces and cities from Nghe An to Khanh Hoa, Central Highlands region will organize the duty to monitor the progress of rain, flood and implement response measures.

- Check areas prone to landslides, flash floods and relocate people in areas prone to landslides.
Additional Data
Country: Vietnam
Affected Area / Region: Quang Binh; Quang Tri; Quang Ngai; Binh Dinh; Phu Yen; Gia Lai; Thua Thien Hue; Khanh Hoa


Death: 1
Missing: 1
Injured: 14
Affected Families: 2505
Affected Persons: 12525
Displaced Persons: 12525


Damaged houses: 2505Damaged educational facilities (e.g. schools): 39Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 6,936mLoss of livelihood sources: 5851.4

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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