Indonesia, Flooding in Banggai, Central Sulawesi Province

10:29 Jul 19 2019 Baggai, Central Sulawesi Province

BANGGAI - Due to the high intensity of rainfall since Monday resulted in Floods in the jurisdiction of Toili District Police, Banggai, Central Sulawesi, rice Thursday (18/7) at 05.00 WITA. 30-50 cm high floods inundated 10 villages in 3 sub-districts namely Kec. Moilong (5 villages), Kec. Toili (4 villages), and Kec. West Toili (1 village), has the following effects:

- 1,450 families affected people (Moilong district 750 families, Toili district area 450 families, and Toili Barat district 250 families)

- 2 The bridge is damaged (1 is lightly damaged and can still be traversed and 1 is severely damaged so vehicles R2 or R4 cannot be passed)

Material losses were estimated at Rp. 400 million (District of Moilong Rp. 200 million, District of Toili Rp. 150 million and District of Toili Barat Rp. 50 million).

Conditions on Thursday (18/7) at 11.54 WITA the rain had begun to subside but the water was still inundating some housing and access roads had not been able to pass, there were no casualties and damage to houses.

The Head of BPBD Banggai said that the current condition is Friday 07-19/2019 at 07:00 that the flood has receded and the activity has returned to normal. The victim died there was 1 person, Wagini (L), 29 years old, farmer job, Address in Bumiharjo Village, Kec. Moilong Kab. Banggai.

The chronology of the following events:

On Thursday, July 18, 2019 at around 12:15 a.m. At that time the victim was Lk. Wagini was playing with her friends in the flood area, which is in the rear rice fields of the village of Bumiharjo while waiting for the rooster to be carried away but when swimming the victim Lk. Wagini was unable to resist the swift flow of water so that the victim was Lk. Wagini was lost in the current.

Then the victims' friends and the villagers searched for victims and at around 13:15 the victim was found not far from the crime scene in a state of death.

Source: Central Sulawesi BPBD
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Death: 1
Affected Families: 1,450
Affected Persons: 5800


Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): two (2) bridgesCost of Damage (USD): 28,790

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