Indonesia, Earthquake in North Maluku

23:59 Jul 14 2019 South Halmahera, North Maluku Province

Indonesia, Earthquake in North Maluku
JAKARTA - More than 900 houses were severely damaged by the earthquake last Sunday (7/14) in South Halmahera, North Maluku. The local BPBD reported 971 heavily damaged houses (RB).

The most damage was in Gane Luar Village, Gane Barat District with 380 units. Damage with the RB category at home was also identified in Rangga Rangga Village 300 units, Lemo Lemo 131, Tomara 90, Kua 30, Luaro 22, Caitu 10, Sawat 6 and Tanjung Jere 2. Heavy damage (RB) to building infrastructure includes school buildings 6 unit, mosque 2, church 1, polindes 1, paud 1, and teacher's house 1.

Meanwhile, the death toll increased from the previous 2 to 4 people; 1 person from Rangga Rangga Village, 1 from Gane Dalam Village and 2 from Gane Luar Village. In addition, 2 people suffered severe injuries and 49 minor injuries. The victims died due to the rubble of the building.

The post-earthquake evacuation took place at several points in Labuha City, South Halmahera, such as the South Halmahera BPBD office, the Tourism Office, the Police, the Great Mosque, the Regent's office hall, the Correctional Institution yard, Amasing SMEA, and Mount Bobebo, totaling 1,104 people. This does not include the District of Gane Barat and Gane Timur. The total estimation of displaced people is 2,000 people.

Until now (16/7) emergency handling efforts are being carried out. The integrated team of South Halmahera Regency involving the TNI, Polri, BPBD, SAR, DHO, Dinsos, PUPR, Satpol PP, BMKG and PMI is in the eastern Gane and Bacan regions or in the earthquake affected areas. The team collected data on building damage and casualties as well as distributing logistical assistance in the form of tarpaulins, mats, food, drinks and medicines. Urgent needs include rice, mineral water, ready-to-eat food, mats, mattresses, blankets, tarps and baby diapers.

So far the South Halmahera Government has formed a command post to conduct emergency handling. Public kitchen operated by the regional government (Pemda) assisted by the TNI and Polri to serve 9 refugee posts in Labuha City. The local government sets an emergency response period of 7 days, from 15-21 July 2019.

In addition, the South Halmahera Regional Government has deployed a team consisting of BPBD, TNI, Polri, Basarnas, Tagana, RAPI, PMI, ACT and journalists to distribute logistics to refugee locations in East Bacan District, Middle East Bacan, Gane Dalam, Gane Timur and West Gane.

BPBD North Maluku Province and TRC BNPB have been in affected locations in Gane Barat District and East Gane to conduct rapid assessments to record the level of damage, the number of refugees and the needs needed by refugees to be followed up. The situation around the two sub-districts was relatively conducive. Electricity and communication networks are normal. Teams in the field feel the shock that feels strong when aftershocks with a magnitude of 5.3 occur on the afternoon of the afternoon (7/15) at 5:35 p.m. and a 10 km depth.

This earthquake with magnitude 7.2 occurred on Sunday (7/14), at 16.10 WIB. The shocks felt by residents in some of these areas are located at 0.59 LS, 128.06 BT (62 km northeast of Labuha - North Maluku) with a depth of 10 Km. Strong shocks of V MMI in Obi region, MMI III in Labuha, MMI II - III in Manado and Ambon, and MMI II in Ternate, Namlea, Gorontalo, Raja Ampat, Sorong, and Bolaang Mongondow regions.

Agus Wibowo
Plh. Head of BNPB Data, Information and Public Relations Center
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: North Maluku Province


Death: 8
Injured: 490
Affected Families: 971
Affected Persons: 53,572
Displaced Persons: 53,076
Evacuation Centre: 60


Damaged houses: 1176Damaged educational facilities (e.g. schools): six (6) schools, one (1) kidergartenDamaged medical facilities (e.g. hospital): one (1)Damaged public buildings / facilities: two (2) mosques, one (1) churchDamaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): two (2) damaged bridges

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