Viet Nam, Flooding in Muong Te, Nam Nhun and Lai Chau

16:37 Jun 24 2019 Muong Te, Nam Nhun and Lai Chau

The double flood occurred in Muong Te, Nam Nhun and Lai Chau districts on June 24, killing 4 people and missing, 5 houses were swept away by the floodwaters and nearly 30 houses were subject to urgent relocation. arrive safely; many works, bridges, dams, machinery and rice and crops area of ​​the affected people ... estimated total damage of about 40 billion VND.

According to the Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention and Rescue Search in Lai Chau Province, the locality still has more than 300 households living along rivers, streams and in the area of ​​high risk of landslides, of which Muong district alone. I have more than 150 households.

In the face of complicated weather conditions, when there is still rain in the night, Lai Chau province has just made an urgent request to functional departments and local authorities to take initiative in prevention measures. rain and flood. Public electricity emphasized, localities need to organize the review of households living in the endangered areas to move urgently to a safe place.
Mr. Tran Tien Dung, Chairman of Lai Chau Provincial People's Committee said: “For areas at risk, we have reviewed and on the basis of the districts and provinces, there is also specific guidance for each region and each region. , each household. Where there is a high risk we have also deployed before the flood season. And now we are continually reviewing to make sure that places, places, and houses are at risk of being moved to a safer place. ”
Additional Data
Country: Vietnam


Death: 5
Missing: 2
Affected Families: 25
Affected Persons: 100
Displaced Persons: 100


Damaged houses: 7Loss of livelihood sources: 66 Ha or rice fields and crops, 3.2 Ha fishpondCost of Damage (USD): 1,717,092

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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