Indonesia, Flooding and Landslide in East Kalimantan

12:43 Jun 13 2019 East Kalimantan


JAKARTA - Floods with an average water level of 25-125 centimeters hit eight villages in four sub-districts in Samarinda City, East Kalimantan, until today (12/6).

Eight urban villages in the four sub-districts include; Sempaja Utara Village, Kelurahan Gn. Lingai, Sempaja Timur Village in North Samarinda District, Temindung Permai Village, Sungai Pindang Dalam Village, Mugirejo Village, Airport Villages in Samarinda Ulu and Sidodai Village in Bukit Pinang District.

A total of 11,652 families or 35,684 people were affected by floods since a week ago. Each affected KK is spread at several points such as in North Samarinda District; 2,534 people in Sempaja Timur Village, 2,511 people in Sempaja Utara Village, 3,985 people in Sempaja Selatan Village, 4,754 people in Mt. Lingai and 7,912 people in Temindung Permai Village.

Then in Sungai Pinang Sub-district respectively; 7,912 people in Temindung Permai Village, 1,300 people in Sungai Pinang Dalam Village, 373 people in Mugirejo Village and 11,104 people in Airport Villages, and 1,201 people in Sidodai Village in Samarinda Ulu District.

The flood that occurred due to the overflow of the Bengkuring River and the high intensity of the rainfall soaked 626 housing units in Temindung Permai Village, Sungai Pinang District.



Flood Handling Update in Kutai Kartanegera: Number of Affected Residents Floods 5,386 HH / 16,385 People
Assistance for Flood and Landslide Emergency Handling in Kab. Kutai Kartanegara as of June 11, 2019 as follows:

A. Chronology
- Due to the high intensity and rainfall that flushed the district. Kutai Kartanegara and its surroundings since June 8 at 8:00 p.m. June 9, 2019 05.00 WITA
- Poor drainage causes water to overflow into residential areas
- Some residents built on hillside cause landslides and are threatened by landslides

B. Disaster Impacts
- Soul Sacrifice: nil
-Filter: nil (for 2 days 9-10 June 2019 evacuated to the nearest family back to the house to clean up the rest of the flood material)
-Prices affected by floods and landslides:
1. Tenggarong Subdistrict (11 affected villages):
a. Kelurahan Baru (97 families, 371 people)
b. Kelurahan Melayu (521 KK, 1975 souls)
c. Timbau Village (1,477 HHs, 2,954 people)
d. Kelurahan Loa Ipuh (651 households, 1,697 people)
e. Panji Village (523 HHs, 2,017 people)
f. Maluhu Village (421 HHs, 1,229 people)
g. Kelurahan Loa Ipuh Darat (39 families, 156 people)
h. Sukarame Village (455 HHs, 1,315 people)
i. Mangkurawang Village (261 Souls)
J. Loa Tebu Village (450 people)
k. Rapak Lambur Village (15 HHs)
Amount: 4,2013 KK (12,425 people)
2. Tenggarong Sebrang District (7 affected villages):
a. Bangun Rejo Village (786 families, 2699 people)
b. Karang Tunggal Village (52 families, 156 people)
c. Desa Perjiwa (70 families, 280 people)
d. Kerta Buana Village (50 families, 150 people)
e. Desa Manunggal Jaya (175 families, 525 people)
f. Bukit Raya Village (25 families, 75 people)
g. Embalut Village (25 families, 75 people)
Amount: 1,183 families (3,960 people)
The number of people affected by the Flood per 11-6-2019: 5,386 families / 16,385 people

C. Impact of Landslide Disaster (10 landslide points):
1. Jalan Bengkuring, Kelurahan Loa Ipuh. The area of ​​material landslides is around 0.25 ha. Landslide Impact: 1 RB house, 2 RR houses
2. Gunung Sentul Gang Suradaya RT. 42 Malay Villages. Landslide Impact: 1 RR house
3. Panji Sukarame Reservoir, Panji Village
4. Karang Tunggal RT. 14 Blok A. Desa Karang Tunggal, Tenggarong Seberang
5. Jalan Lai RT. 7, Panji Village. Landslide Impact: 1 RR musholla
6. Jalan Kencana RT. 3, Perjiwa Village, Tenggarong Seberang
7. Jalan Gunung Belah (TPA / Final Disposal Site) Kelurahan Loa Ipuh, Tenggarong
8. Jalan Ahmad Dahlan, Panji Village, Tenggarong
9. Jalan Gunung Belah
10. Jalan Danau Lipan Gang 07 RT 28 Kelurahan Melayu, Tenggarong
Total impact loss (ie data collection process): 1 year RB, 3 rhh RR, 1 RR place of worship

D. Urgent Needs (per 11-6-2019):
1. Heavy equipment for landslide material cleaning
2. Cleaning tools
3. Tarps

E. Efforts:
1. Today there has been a coordination meeting on the determination of the Regent's Decree to establish a PD Command Post at the Regent's office led by Regional Assistant 1, and attended by BPBD, BNPB, TNI and all relevant OPDs. The results of the meeting were established by the Command Post at the BPBD office in Kab. Kutai Kartanegara with Kalaksa BPBD as Commander
2. BPBD is still carrying out data collection on affected residents and infrastructure damage
3. The BPBD together with the OPD related to making a field post and making public kitchens in 3 points and distributing food and mineral water to affected residents
4. BPBD and District Public Works Agency conduct landslide material cleaning that covers roads and residential areas using heavy equipment and Damkar cars
5. Operational Funding during the TD period will be charged to BTT Kab. Kutai Kartanegara Rp. 5 M
6. Deploy PD Command Post floods & landslides in the BPBD office, Kab. Kutai Kartanegara

1. The weather is cloudy and the rain is mild to moderate
2. The limited number of heavy equipment
3. Limited budget for infrastructure improvements due to landslides

G. Giat BNPB Team
1. Review of landslide locations in Loa Ipuh Village and keluraha Panji, Kec. Tenggarong
2. Following the coordination of the decree of the Regent's decree to establish a PD Command Post in the Regent's office and provide the following suggestions:
- SKPDB management according to Perka no 3/2016
- Indicators for determining the status of emergencies and PD activities according to the Guidelines for Establishing KDB Status in 2016
- In order to immediately deploy the Command Post with the completeness and personnel as well as the identity of the Command Post (banners, information boards, maps, media center rooms, BNPB tents, etc.)
- Conducting an operational plan (renops) meeting and evaluation meeting at the GDP Post
3. Helping deploy PD Post flood & landslides in the BPBD office, Kab. Kutai Kartanegara

H. Others
1. In general, the flood has subsided
2. The condition of society is gradually normal
3. The weather is generally cloudy and has mild to moderate rain

I. Tomorrow's Talent Plan
1. Following the drafting meeting meeting at the GDP Post for floods and landslides in the BPBD Office, Kab. Kutai Kartanegara
2. Review of landslide locations
3. Coordination with BPBD Prov. East Kalimantan related to PD floods and landslides that occurred in Samarinda City and Kab. Kutai Kartanegara

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho
Head of BNPB's Data Information and Public Relations Center
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: East Kalimantan


Affected Families: 17038
Affected Persons: 52069


Access to early warning: YesCost of Assistance (USD): 351.2721587875334‬

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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