Indonesia, Flooding in Indramayu Regency

13:00 Apr 10 2019 Indramayu Regency

Indramayu - The floods that have hit Indramayu in the past three days have forced the local government to establish emergency status from April 8 to 21 2019. The

flood caused by the overflow of the Cimanuk River has inundated 8,271 houses in 19 villages or villages in five sub-districts.

The 19 villages, namely Plumbon, Dukuh, Pekandangan, Pekandangan Jaya, Bojongsari, Kepandean, Paoman and Pabean Udik Villages, in Indramayu District. Then in Sindang Subdistrict are Kenanga, Terusan, Penyindangan Wetan, Babadan, Dermayu and Wanantara.

In addition, Pasekan and Pagirikan villages in Pasekan Subdistrict, Rambat Kulon Village and Bojong Slawi Village in Lohbener District, and Lamarantarung Village in Cantigi District.

Not only soaking residents' houses, floods also submerged a number of highways, mosques, prayer rooms, schools, sports facilities, hotels and other public facilities. In fact, the floods also submerged the Indramayu Regency Hall yard and a number of service offices such as the Education Office, Archives and Library Service, Inspectorate Office, and the Cooperative, Trade and Industry Office.

Until now, the water that has soaked the settlements continues to increase along with the high intensity of the rain and the overflowing of the Cimanuk River. The latest data since Tuesday, April 9, 2019 in the afternoon as many as 11,079 people per 3,310 affected households have been displaced.

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Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Indramayu Regency, West Java


Affected Families: 3310
Affected Persons: 11079
Displaced Persons: 11079


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