Indonesia, Tornado in East Dumoga

14:25 Mar 23 2019 East Dumoga District, Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi

JAKARTA - The Bolaang Mongondow District Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) reported 116 damaged houses with different categories due to tornadoes. The strong spinning wind hit four villages in East Dumoga District, Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi on Saturday (3/23), at 14.25 local time.

The four villages that were hit by a tornado were Kembang Mertha Village, Kembang Sari, Amertha Buana, and Amertha Sari. The highest number of houses with a category of severe damage (RB) in Amertha Sari Village with 28 units, while in Kembang Mertha RB Village there were 18 units, Amertha Buana 3 units. Damage in the mildly damaged category (RR) was identified at 32 units of Amertha Buana, Amertha Sari 16, Kembang Mertha 14, and Kembang Sari 5.

Damage not only damaged people's homes but also other buildings, namely the Budi Luhur Middle and Kindergarten Building and 3 damaged places of worship in Kembang Mertha Village, while in Amertha Sari 1 the place of worship was severely damaged.

BPBD also reported that this disaster resulted in 1 minor injury and one trauma. Victims of trauma have been referred to the Jaya Mopuya Medical Clinic.

This tornado begins with high-intensity rain and is accompanied by strong winds that come suddenly.

Personnel of the BPBD Rapid Reaction Team (TRC) in Bolaang Mongondow Regency are still carrying out a data collection on the amount of damage and affected victims who are currently displaced and displaced. Meanwhile, electricity is still extinguished due to many houses being severely damaged. Emergency handling efforts were carried out not only by the BPBD but also the Koramil and Polsek babinsa in the East Dumoga area, Tagana, Linmas and the local government and local residents.

After the incident, urgent needs include ready meals, tarpaulins and bedding.

BNPB Public Relations
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: East Dumoga District, Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi


Injured: 1
Affected Families: 116
Affected Persons: 580


Damaged houses: 116

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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