Indonesia, Flooding in Banten

07:37 Dec 26 2018 Banjarsari, Batukuwung

Flood in Prov. Banten. Wednesday, December 26, 2018 06:30 WIB: Location: Kab. Serang, Kec. Padarincang, Ds. Citasuk, Camp. Sukamaju, Ds. Batukuwung Ø Victim: 297 KK / 1,658 Affected and displaced souls at SDN Suka Maju 70 KK / 160 Souls displaced in a safe place in Ds. Batukuwung Ø Material losses: ± 200 Submerged housing units with TMA reaching 50 â € “70 chronological: Due to high intensity rain accompanied by overflowing of Cikalumpang river
there have been floods in two districts of Kab. Lebak, namely the Banjarsari sub-district and Kec. Cimarga. Residents affected in kec. Banjarsari: keusik village: 455 ciruji village families: 20 village heads Umbul: 33 families in Cidahu village: 67 families Cimarga has a number of residents affected by 75 families, the water level is 20-100 cm, there are no casualties to date.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Banjarsari, Batukuwung


Affected Families: 752
Affected Persons: 1,658


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