Indonesia, Tsunami in Sunda Strait

21:03 Dec 22 2018 Sunda Strait

- Updates 5 January -
Pandeglang Entered Emergency Transition, South Lampung Extends the Period of Emergency Response
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JAKARTA - The post-tsunami that hit five districts around the Sunda Strait still leaves a lot of work. Until Saturday (1/5/2019) the number of victims recorded 437 people died, 9,061 people injured, 10 people missing and 16,198 people were displaced.

Emergency handling is still being carried out. Many refugees have returned to their homes. They are refugees whose homes are not damaged.

In Pandeglang Regency there were 296 people died, 3 people were missing, and 7,972 people were displaced. A total of 1,071 houses were severely damaged and moderately damaged, and 457 houses were slightly damaged.

Based on the coordination meeting led by the Governor of Banten, it was agreed that the completion of the emergency response period on 4/1/2019 would then be followed by an emergency transition period towards the transition for 2 months, namely 1/6/2019 until 6/3/2019. During this emergency transition period temporary shelters will be built.

Shelter was built to accommodate refugees whose homes were severely damaged and lightly damaged. Shelter is needed to minimize social turmoil and anticipate the rainy season so that refugees can be more comfortable. It takes 2 months to build shelters before the construction of permanent housing takes longer. Pandeglang Regional Government will propose ready-to-use funds to BNPB for the construction of shelters. Physical construction of shelters will be carried out by the TNI.

For the repair of lightly damaged houses, the Regional Government of Pandeglang and Banten will allocate a budget for repairs while repairs of heavily damaged and moderately damaged houses will be proposed through rehabilitation and reconstruction grants to BNPB.

For emergency handling in South Lampung Regency the emergency response period is extended for 2 weeks, namely 6/1/2019 until 1/19/2019. Tsunami victims in South Lampung recorded 120 people died, 8,304 people injured, and 6,999 people were displaced.

A total of 543 houses were severely damaged, 70 houses were moderately damaged and 97 houses were slightly damaged. In accordance with the agreement and the coordination meeting there is no construction of shelters in South Lampung. But with the construction of permanent housing for relocation.

There is already available 2 hectares of land for the construction of huntap. The Central Office of the River Region of the Ministry of Public Works will conduct land clearing, the South Lampung Regency Public Works Agency will prepare a siteplan, design and budget plan. The Regent of South Lampung will submit funds ready to use BNPB for the construction of shelters and its facilities in relocation.

The impact of the tsunami that hit the coast in the Sunda Strait, especially in the Pandenglang area, South Lampung and Serang continued to increase. Until 23/12/2018 at 07.00 West Indonesia Time, 43 people died, 584 people were injured and 2 people were missing. Physical losses included 430 heavily damaged housing units, 9 heavily damaged hotels, 10 heavily damaged vessels and dozens damaged.

The number of refugees is still in the data collection. Pandeglang is the area most severely affected by the tsunami.

In Pandeglang Regency, 33 people died, 491 people were injured, 400 houses were severely damaged, 9 hotels were severely damaged, and 10 ships were severely damaged. The affected areas are settlements and tourist areas along the coast such as Tanjung Lesung Beach, Sumur, Teluk Lada, Penimbang and Carita. The time of many tourists visit the beach along Pandeglang.

In South Lampung, 7 people died, 89 people were injured and 30 houses were severely damaged. While in Serang, 3 people died, 4 people were injured and 2 people were missing.

Data collection is still done. Possible victim data and damage will increase.

Emergency handling continues. Emergency response status and emergency response organizational structure, establishment of posts, public kitchens and others are still being prepared. Heavy equipment is also deployed to assist evacuation and emergency repairs.

The community is urged not to do activities around the coast at this time. BMKG and the Geological Agency are still carrying out studies to ascertain the causes of tsunamis and possible follow-up.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Head of BNPB's Data Information and Public Relations Center
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Banten, Lampung


Death: 437
Missing: 10
Injured: 9,061
Affected Persons: 351,239
Displaced Persons: 16,198


Damaged houses: 613Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 9 hotels

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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