Vietnam, Tropical Storm "Usagi"

18:00 Nov 25 2018 Binh Thuan province

Vietnam, Tropical Storm "Usagi"
While parts of southern Vietnam are still recovering from last week’s deadly flooding and mudslides from former Tropical Storm Toraji, a new tropical threat will strike in the coming days.

Usagi briefly strengthened into a typhoon on Saturday before weakening back into a severe tropical storm as it tracked westward across the South China Sea on Saturday night.

Usagi is forecast to make landfall Sunday afternoon or evening near Vung Tau before tracking westward into southern Vietnam, eventually turning northwest into Cambodia by Monday. It will unload heavy rainfall, threatening flooding mudslides and local wind damage.

Damaging winds will be a concern near and along the edge of the storm, putting areas from Vung Tau to Phan Thiet at greatest risk for wind gusts over 100 km/h (62 mph).

These powerful winds can result in tree damage, power outages and damage to weak structures in the vicinity of where it makes landfall. Coastal flooding can also occur near and north of where the storm moves onshore.

Locally damaging winds will extend farther inland to Ho Chi Minh City and Tay Ninh on Sunday before further weakening of Usagi brings an end to the risk for damaging winds.

Flooding rainfall will be a more widespread concern as heavy rain inundates much of southern and central Vietnam as well as Cambodia, northeastern Thailand and southern Laos.

"The greatest danger from Usagi will be flooding and mudslides, as there can be an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 450 mm (18 inches) of rain in southern Vietnam," Accuweather Senior Meteorologist Dave Houk said.

Areas that were hit hardest by Toraji only a week ago will once again endure heavy rainfall and possibly severe flooding and new mudslides.


Serious implementation of the Prime Minister's Power On November 23, the Central Steering Committee for Conflict Resolution held a meeting on the response to typhoon No.9 (Usagi typhoons) and floods.Speaking at the meeting, Hoang Duc Cuong, director of the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, said this morning the agency had issued an emergency storm news. "It is expected that on the evening of 24 th and 25 th November, typhoon No.9 will land in the area between Binh Thuan and Ba Ria - Vung Tau provinces, with strong winds of 8" - Mr. Hoang Duc Cuong information and said. Strong wind of level 6 will last from Phu Yen province to Tra Vinh.

According to Mr. Cuong, the forecasts of the United States, Japan and Hong Kong, the storm will move mainly in the direction of Southwest southwest and continue strong, moving slowly and reaching the highest level is 10 before entering the coast and the storm will directly affect the South Central region from tomorrow until November 25, and when the storm landed at least 8 levels, "he said.

Mr. Cuong said that the strongest influence of typhoon No. 9 was in Phu Quy island (Binh Thuan province). "Storm will reach grade 9, level 10 and level 12, 13 when passing through the island district, this is the biggest risk when the wind is strong in the sea," Hoang Duc Cuong warned.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hung, Deputy Head of Rescue and Rescue Department, Border Guard Command, said that up to 6 hours on 23/11, has informed, tallyed and instructed 64,137 vehicles / 330,712 people (Activities In the area affected by the hurricane of 3,855 vessels / 23,509 people, the means have been grasped by the storm and are moving away from dangerous areas, operating in other waters 13,640 ships / 80,631 people. at 46.642 berths / 226,572 people). Particularly in Binh Thuan province, ships and means of transportation to the sea are prohibited from operating on November 22,
Speaking at the hurricane 9 meeting, Mr. Tran Quang Hoai, General Department of Disaster Prevention, urged localities in affected areas to urgently call for 3,855 ships / 23,509 laborers working in The 24-hour hazardous area to find shelter or shore to ensure safety. National Committee for Disaster Preparedness and Search and Rescue is ready for rescue means upon request ... ".

The localities shall review and check according to the already built plans, so as to closely follow the reality so as to take initiative in responding to storms and floods after the storms, particularly in areas prone to landslide; To promptly handle problems of dike and sea embankments directly protecting population quarters, ensuring the safety, life and property of people. The General Department of Natural Disaster Prevention and Control should coordinate closely with localities in steering and responding to particular attention to ensuring the safety of the dyke system.

The Directorate of Water Resources coordinated closely with the Standing Office of the Central Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Control and other localities in calculating flood discharge when necessary.

The Ministry of Communications and Transport shall intensify the information and guidance on the movement, avoidance and moorage of cargo ships, cargo ships and trawlers, ensuring safe transportation of various types of traffic (waterway road, railway, air.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade directs the work of ensuring the safety and readiness to respond to flood discharge when necessary, hydroelectric reservoirs and ensuring the electricity transmission system. "Based on the typhoon forecast Into the land, localities need to plan to migrate out of dangerous areas close to the coast before 12am on November 24.

Director General Tran Quang Hoai emphasized that based on the actual situation of typhoon No.9, localities have actively planned to ban the sea (especially in the provinces and cities of Binh Thuan, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Ho Chi Minh City...). The Vietnam News Agency, Vietnam Television Station, the Voice of Vietnam Radio and the mass media agencies at the central and local levels shall intensify the broadcasting of programs on guiding and popularizing the guiding knowledge of prevention measures. , avoiding, coping skills of various types of natural disasters, especially floods, flash floods, landslides, storms; To report accurately and promptly on the situation and work of directing prevention, elimination and overcoming of natural disasters.

A separate area of heavy rain will inundate parts of central Vietnam on Saturday and Sunday. Locations from Hoi An and Da Nang to Hue and Dong Ha will be at risk for flooding. Total rainfall of 100-200 mm (4-8 inches) will be common in these areas.

Downpours will be most widespread across Cambodia, northeastern Thailand and southern Laos by Monday before diminishing to scattered showers and thunderstorms by Tuesday.


On November 25, typhoon No.9 hit the area from Ba Ria - Vung Tau to Ben Tre with strong winds of 7-8, level 10, then weakened to tropical depression continued to go deep. to the west and northwest.

From now to November 28, floods will occur on the rivers from Thua Thien Hue to Ninh Thuan and the provinces of the Southeast. Floods on the rivers from Thua Thien Hue to Ninh Thuan are common at alarm 2 - alarm 3, small rivers up on alarm 3. High risk of local floods, flash floods and landslides. mountainous, inundated lowland areas, urban in the above provinces.

At the meeting, representatives of agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (General Department of Crop Production, General Department of Irrigation, General Department of Disaster Prevention) reported on the work of directing the response No. 9 and the flood after storm.

With regard to overcoming the consequences of heavy rain caused by typhoon No.9, the Office of the Central Steering Committee for Propaganda and Training recommends units to implement the following contents:

Assessment of Hurricane Typhoon No. 9 , Tran Quang Hoai, Director General of Department of Prevention and Disaster, said that fortunately the storm No. 9 to move slowly, making landfall in mainland intensity wane should the level damage not so great.

However, many people in the typhoon area still have subjective psychology, giving up the storm prevention and control to the authorities. Especially people are curious to see the storm.

"As in some tourist establishments, there are cases where two foreign visitors without a hat go out to watch the storm to film, take pictures. The hotel also has no warning what visitors. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Transport should have specific guidelines for the prevention of storms. Not to ban the sea but also to ban from the house if not on duty "- Mr. Hoai stressed.

In the coming days, the Director General of the General Department of Disaster Prevention and Control asked localities to continue monitoring and preventing floods, causing flash floods and landslides to ensure the safety of reservoirs.

To inspect and review high-risk areas of flash floods, landslides, low-lying areas along rivers and streams, river-bed areas, deep inundation areas and downstream important reservoirs; ready to evacuate, relocate people from dangerous areas to safe places; Implement measures to ensure the safety of dams and reservoirs, especially for dams and reservoirs. To organize and operate reservoirs for irrigation and hydropower according to the process, ensuring safety for the works and downstream areas, and at the same time ensure water sources for production and daily life; To closely monitor the evolution of storms, rain, floods, flash floods and landslides; To increase information and communication on the mass media, especially at the grassroots level so that people can know and actively respond; Urge localities to make statistics on damage situation; Improve storm response guidelines;


According to the report of the Standing Office of the Central Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention and Control, the initial damage caused by Typhoon No 9 caused 26 deaths. 51 houses collapsed; 46 boats sank, damaged; 99 cages of aquaculture were sunk, damaged; 718ha of rice and 380ha of flooded crops. In addition, typhoon No.9 also caused 2 incidents in the railway (Ninh Thuan); 1,500m of flooded highway (Binh Duong); 170m of the provincial road is landslide, damaged; 2,663 meters of embankment, embankment is landslide, damaged; 119 trees broken. Localities continue to maintain forces and means of rescue and rescue; To inspect and review high-risk areas of flash floods, landslides, low-lying areas, rivers and streams, riverside areas, deep flooded areas and downstream important reservoirs; ready to evacuate, move people out of dangerous areas. Synthetic, assessment of damage and implementation of post-storm recovery work. The Ministry of Communications and Transport shall direct the handling of incidents and the restoration of land and railway traffic in the affected areas. The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development shall direct the localities and units in inspecting the communication system in the downstream of the lakes and ready the plan for response to ensuring safety for the zones. The downstream of the hydroelectric reservoir, irrigation. (THAI PHUC)

* According to the Office of the National Committee for Disaster Response and Search and Rescue, on November 26, the Ministry of Defense mobilized 4,166 people (1,154 soldiers, 2,798 soldiers and 214 others) , 31 vehicles (23 cars and 8 canoes) to help the local people overcome the consequences of typhoon No. 9. Specifically: Organization displaced 1,079 households with 7,538 people (Phu Yen province: 164 households with 412 Khanh Hoa province: 251 households with 696 people, Ninh Thuan province: 584 households with 6,430 people) to safe places; landslide for some roads, two dykes, one sea embankment; A bridge of people ... (BAO QUOC)

Ho Chi Minh City urgently deal with flooding point

On November 26, localities, units and people in Ho Chi Minh City continued efforts to overcome the consequences of typhoon No. 9. According to the reporter in Can Gio District, where the influence directly from typhoon No.9, the remedial work was implemented urgently with the participation of the forces of the Steering Committee for Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Preparedness Can Gio District, , soldiers of the Municipal Command, fire brigade, fire brigade ... From 5 o'clock on 26-11, the ferry terminal in the city has come back including Binh Khanh ferry, It helps connect Can Gio district with the city center. Crossings, longlines, fishing boats, cruise ships, hydrofoils, cruise ships, passenger and cargo ships are also operating again from 9am. Besides that, The city flood control center has mobilized the entire staff to prevent flooding. Drainage workers spread the flooded roads to pick up trash, open pit lids to drain water faster. At the same time, coordinate with Fire Prevention and Fighting Police to organize rescue and flood protection for flooded areas. (HEROIC)
Additional Data
Country: Vietnam
Affected Area / Region: Binh Thuan province


Affected Families: 42,423
Affected Persons: 330,712
Displaced Persons: 1,079


Damaged houses: 51Damaged public buildings / facilities: 1 bridgeLoss of livelihood sources: 99 cages, 1098 ha

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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