Indonesia, Flood in West Sumatra Province

23:00 Oct 9 2018 West Sumatra Province

Indonesia, Flood in West Sumatra Province
Some cities and regencies in West Sumatra Province were flooded and with some locations experience landslide between 9-11 October.

In Pasaman regency, flood occurred on 9 October at around 23.30 hrs local time. Ministry of health reported that around 80 families / 320 people were affected. A school building and 80 houses were also submerged.

Some areas in West Pasaman Regency also experienced landslides and floods on Thursday (11/10/2018) at 7:30 p.m. The areas that were affected by the disaster were Pasaman Subdistrict, Ranatan Batan, Koto Balingka, Sei Beremas, Melintang Valley, Mount Tuleh, Talamau, Sasak and Kinali. The victim of 1 person died and 2 people disappeared. Damage included about 500 units of houses submerged in floods, 3 units of suspension bridges collapsed and 2 units of houses washed away. BPBD Kab. Pasaman Barat together with other authorities carried out emergency handling. BPBD distributes logistical assistance to affected victims. Urgent need for heavy equipment, basic necessities, blankets and clothing. The Regent has set an emergency response period of 7 days (11-17 / 10/2018).

In Tanah Datar Regency, a flash flood occured on 11 October, 1830 hrs local time. Three people were reported missing and 14 other injured. Five houses were destroyed.

In Solok Regency, a major flood also occured on 11 October 2000 hrs local time. Hiliran Gumanti District was most affected. A total of 308 families and 1139 people were affected. In addition 1 health centre also destroyed. There were no fatalities in Solok Regency.

In Padang Pariaman Regency, the heavy rain also caused a landslide in Enam Lingkung District. It resulted in fatalities of 3 people with other 3 injured.

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