Indonesia, Flash Floods in Mandailing and other regencies in North Sumatra

20:30 Oct 11 2018 Mandailing

Indonesia, Flash Floods in Mandailing and other regencies in North Sumatra
Evacuation carried out by a joint SAR team with volunteers and community members has found 17 victims died from flash floods and flash floods in Mandailing Natal District, North Sumatra. 11 landslide points which initially closed several roads in Mandailing Natal can also be overcome. Heavy equipment was deployed to help evacuate victims and clean up landslide material.

The number of casualties was recorded 17 people until this night, 12 schoolchildren in Ulu Pungkut Subdistrict, 3 road culvert workers in Muara Batang Gadis District, and 2 people who crashed into the Aek Batang Gadis River during the flood.

Of the 29 elementary school students 235 who were in the afternoon school who were hit by flash floods in Muara Saladi Village, Ulu Pungkut District, Mandailing Natal District, on Friday (12/10/2018) afternoon, 12 children died and 17 children were rescued. All victims are children under 12 years of age.

Of the 17 children who survived 7 children were injured and treated at the local health center. In addition 2 teachers were also found safe. Survivors were found under the rubble of buildings and partially dragged by flash floods.

Flash floods also caused 12 houses to be washed away and totally damaged, 9 houses were severely damaged and 3 public facilities were severely damaged in Muara Saladi Village. The people evacuated in the homes of their relatives.

Whereas the 2 dead victims found in a car plunged into Sungai Aek Batang Gadis were an employee of PT. Bank of North Sumatra and a member of the National Police who were escorting employees of PT Bank Sumut. The victim has been handed over to the family. While the victims of 3 road culvert workers in Muara Batang Gadis Subdistrict have also been handed over to the family.

Until this evening there were no reports of families feeling lost family members in 11 sub-districts in Mandailing Natal Regency that experienced flash floods, floods and landslides.

Emergency handling is still done. The Regent has determined the emergency response status of floods and landslides in the Mandailing Natal District of North Sumatra for 7 days (12-18 October 2018). Mandailing Natal BPBD with North Sumatra Province BPBD, TNI, Police, Regional SAR, SKPD, PMI, and volunteers handle emergency disasters. Aid continues to be distributed to victims and affected communities.

Meanwhile, evacuation and emergency handling of floods and landslides that occurred outside Mandailing Natal also continued to be carried out by BPBD with the local authorities. In the city of Sibolga, 4 victims of landslides have been buried. In Tanah Datar the victims were recorded as 5 people died, 1 person was missing and 1 person was rescued. Evacuation will continue tomorrow morning. Whereas in Padang Pariaman found 3 people died and Pasaman Barat 1 person died.

Regions in the provinces of Aceh, North Sumatra and West Sumatra have entered the transition season to the rainy season. Rain with heavy intensity has the potential to occur so that it can potentially cause flooding and landslides. Local governments and communities are urged to increase preparedness in facing floods and landslides.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho
Head of BNPB Information and Public Relations Center


Heavy rains that hit areas in North Sumatra and West Sumatra during Thursday and Friday (11-12 / 10/3018) have caused floods, flash floods and landslides in several places. The impact is quite large.

Temporary data reported by BPBD in North Sumatra and West Sumatra Provinces, floods and landslides caused 20 deaths, 15 people were missing and dozens of people were injured in 4 regions, namely Mandailing Natal District, Sibolga City, Tanah Datar Regency and West Pasaman Regency.

Floods and landslides hit 9 districts in Mandailing Natal Regency, North Sumatra Province, namely Natal District, Lingga Bayu, Muara Batang Gadis, Naga Juang, North Panyambung, Bukit Malintang, Ulu Pungkut, Kota Nopan and Batang Natal on Friday (12/10/2018) morning and evening. Temporary data recorded 13 people dead and 10 missing at Mandailing Natal.

11 madrasa students in Muara Saladi Village, Ulu Pungkut Subdistrict, Mandailing Natal District, North Sumatra, died of a building destroyed by flash floods on Friday (12/10/2018) afternoon during class hours.

An estimated 10 people are missing. The incident happened suddenly. The Aek Saladi River suddenly flowed with a large discharge and carried mud and overflowed, crashing into the madrasa. The number of missing victims can still change because it cannot be ascertained yet. The victim was buried in mud and collapsed wall material.

Meanwhile on Saturday (12/10/2018) morning, 2 victims died again due to vehicles entering the river and being washed away. The victim died was 1 police officer from the police station and 1 employee from PT. Bank of North Sumatra. 2 people were rescued from drifting vehicles.

Other impacts of flash floods and landslides in Mandailing Natal were 17 units of houses collapsed, 5 units of houses were washed away, hundreds of houses were flooded with a height of 1-2 meters in Natal District and Muara Batang Gadis. 8 landslide points were in Batang Natal Subdistrict.

Evacuation, search and rescue of victims is still carried out. The terrain is severe because the affected villages are in the mountains, the edge of the forest and access is difficult to reach because it is damaged. Mandailing Natal BPBD, North Sumatra Province BPBD, TNI, Police, Regional SAR, SKPD, PMI, and volunteers handle disaster emergencies. The Regent has determined the emergency response status of floods and landslides in the Mandailing Natal District of North Sumatra for 7 days (12-18 October 2018). Urgent needs are staple foods and heavy equipment.

Rain also caused landslides in several areas in the city of Sibolga, North Sumatra on Thursday (11/10/2018) at 16.30 WIB. Landslides caused 4 deaths, 1 person was seriously injured, and 3 people were slightly injured. Material losses include 25 heavily damaged houses, 4 moderately damaged housing units and about 100 flooded homes with a height of 60-80 centimeters.

Meanwhile, flash floods also occurred in Nagari Tanjung Bonai, Jorong Kalo-Kalo, Jorong Batu in the North Lintau Buo District, Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra on Thursday (11/10/2018) at 20.30 WIB. Flash floods caused 4 deaths and 3 disappeared. There were child victims on behalf of Anis (2,5) san W.Efendi (10) who were washed away by flash floods. Other victims died were Roni (30) and Yerinda (56). While 3 missing victims were Erizal (55), Daswirman (58) and Yusrizal (45).

In addition there were 6 people injured, 6 houses were severely damaged, 3 shops were severely damaged, 1 shop was heavily damaged and 2 bridges were heavily damaged. The Tanah Datar BPBD together with the TNI, Police, SKPD, volunteers and the community evacuated and searched for victims. Search is carried out along the river. Heavy equipment is used to help search for victims and clean up mud.

The Tanah Datar Regent has set an emergency response period for 7 days (12-18 October 2018). Public kitchen opening for volunteers and affected communities has been established.

In Asahan Regency, the flood occurred on 10 October, due to overflow of the upstream of Sipulpul/Piasa, Hianga, Silo, and Ambalutu rivers. The flood depth was varied around 30-180 cm affecting villages in Buntu Pane and Tinggi Raja districts. In total, around 549 families / 1546 people were affected. There were no fatalities reported from the flood in Asahan Regency.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Mandailing Natal, Langkat


Missing: 2
Injured: 10
Affected Families: 1427
Affected Persons: 5708


Damaged houses: 21Damaged public buildings / facilities: 3Access to early warning: Yes

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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