Myanmar, Flooding in Bhamo Township

15:29 Aug 30 2018 Bharmo Township

Record-breaking volumes of cascading mountain water damaged a road approaching Sihat Bridge on Bhamo-Mandalay Road in Bhamo Township, Kachin State on August 30 and Khokyin dam water filtering pool had burst open for about 100 feet length, sources said.

Heavy rain poured down since the morning of August 30 and the water level in Nantsali stream that flows downward from Myanmar-China border was suddenly increased. The road exiting Bhamo was covered with at least three-foot deep water while the road approaching Sihat Bridge was also damaged for about 50 feet.

MP Zaw Thin of Bhamo Constituency said, “The amount of water falling down from the mountain rarely happens in like once in fifty-years time. But now it has happened for two consecutive times. The road authorities shut down Bhamo-Mandalay road due to the collapse of Sihat Bridge. They are preparing to build a temporary bailey bridge. Many farmlands were damaged. Water level was increased to eight feet during last month and now it has reached to nine feet. All government departments including rescue and relief teams are here. I haven’t heard of any casualties.”

According to observations made by Department of Meteorology and Hydrology of Bhamo district on August 30, the recorded rainfall is 1.89 inches and the final recorded rainfall will be known at 9am next morning.

More than 5,000 acres of paddy fields and two bridges are destroyed in Bhamo, Mansi and Momauk on August 27 due to isolated heavy falls. Landslides occurred on Bhamo-Momauk-lweje road blocked transportation, said locals.
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Country: Myanmar
Affected Area / Region: Bhamo Township, Kachin State



Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 2 bridgesLoss of livelihood sources: 2023ha

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