Indonesia, Fire in West Kalimantan

08:12 Aug 23 2018 West Kalimantan

Forest and land fires still occur in West Kalimantan. The integrated task force team continues to struggle to quell the fires of forest and land fires. The land task force from the TNI, Polri, BPBD, Manggala Agni, the Kebarakan Fire Service, Satpol PP and volunteers continued to extinguish on land. The air force performs blackouts from the air. BNPB deployed 10 helicopters used for patrol and water bombing. BNPB and BPPT also continue to make artificial rain or weather modification technology using the Casa 212-200 Air Force aircraft. Already 5 tons of Sodium Clorida (CaCl) seedlings are sown into potential clouds in space. Within a few days of rain, even though it was not evenly distributed. But reducing the number of fires.

Burned peatlands cause problems in blackouts. Apart from that the weather was dry, the water began to be limited, and the area that burned was wide enough to hamper blackouts.

The large number of hotspots of forest and land fires in West Kalimantan is related to people's habits of burning land before clearing land. Communities in Sanggau, Sambas, Ketapang, Kubu Raya and others have a tradition of "simultaneous devices", namely the preparation habits of the planting season by clearing land by burning. Although the local government has banned it, it turns out that this habit is still practiced in many places. The challenge ahead is how to provide solutions to the community to be able to implement agriculture without burning or certain incentives.

Police officers continue to increase patrols and law enforcement related to deliberate burning of these forests and land. Socialization also continues to be improved to all parties so as not to burn and prevent.

Meanwhile, the observation of the last 24 hours from the Aqua, Terra, SNPP satellite in the Lapan Fashionable catalog detected 885 hotspots of forest and land fires in West Kalimantan on 23/8/2018 at 07.13 WIB. Of the 885 hot spots, 509 are hot categories and 376 are hot categories.

The number of 885 hotspots in West Kalimantan is the highest compared to other provinces in Indonesia. The area that has detected a lot of hot spots is Central Kalimantan, which is 151 hotspots. Overall there are 1,231 hotspots in Indonesia on 23/8/2018 at 07.13 WIB. Other regions have not too many hotspots. Continuous blackout efforts were carried out by integrated task force teams in areas prone to forest and land fires in South Sumatra, Jambi, Riau, Central Kalimantan and South Kalimantan.

The impact of forest and land fires in Pontianak City has caused air quality based on particulate concentration (PM10) measured 166 micro grams per cubic meter or unhealthy category on 08/23/2018 morning. The smoke distribution leads to the north in the western part of West Kalimantan. A total of 2,000 people reported suffering from ARI during this dry season.

Supadio International Airport in Pontianak continues to operate normally. Visibility of 4 kilometers. Meanwhile, the school has reentered, after the school was closed for 20-22 August 2018 due to the influence of forest and land fires.

The impact of forest and land fires in West Kalimantan has caused four people to die since the last month. This amount is data as of 08/21/2018. The victim died due to exposure to smoke and fire when the land around him was burned. They are caught in a siege of fire made to clear the land. The four victims came from different regions, namely Melawi, Sambas and Sintang Regencies.

BMKG has issued an early warning that the weather is drier and has the potential to trigger forest and land fires. Rain will decrease. The peak of the dry season occurs during August to September. To be encouraged by the community not to burn forests and land. Take precautions and increase patrols. Especially on peatlands, if it has burned it is difficult to extinguish it.

The integrated task force team will continue to make efforts to prevent and extinguish forest and land fires. Increasingly dry weather will be a heavier challenge. But a joint team from the TNI, Polri, BPBD, Manggala Agni, SKPD and volunteers will continue to work to prevent and extinguish forest and land fires.
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Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: West Kalimantan


Affected Persons: 2000


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