Myanmar, Landslide due to heavy rains

11:26 Aug 25 2018 Kalaywa-Yargyi road

Heavy rains have caused floods and landslides in several parts of Myanmar during the rainy season. Due to landslide occurred in Kalay-Minkin road section, it was rendered inaccessible to vehicles.
This road section is on Kalaywa-Yargyi road connecting to Myoma village. It is the road where passengers vehicles from Monyaw-Mandalay to Kalaywa-Kalay -Mawleik.
Landslide occurred in two places. One is from 10 miles distance from Minkin and another 2 miles away from the first landslide.
“No vehicles can pass through the road. About 100 feet of road has been blocked and damaged due to the landslide. Only motorcycles can pass through. Myoma and Minkin is about 10 miles in distance. If passengers transit from one passenger bus to another, it will be convenient. There are crack lines that had appeared on the road surface. If there is rain, there may yet be another landslide. The weather is gloomy here,” said Aung Soe Thein coming from Minkin.
Kaly is a town in Sagaing Region. It is located upstream from Mandalay and Monywa on Myittha River, which is a tributary of Chindwin River.
Additional Data
Country: Myanmar
Affected Area / Region: Kalaywa-Yargyi road



Access to early warning: Yes

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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