Indonesia, M 7.0 Lombok Earthquake

18:46 Aug 5 2018 Lombok Island

Indonesia, M 7.0 Lombok Earthquake Indonesia, M 7.0 Lombok Earthquake
= This event is under intensive monitoring, please follow for daily updates =

=Update: Emergency Response to Recovery 24 August 2018

Through a coordination meeting at the Lombok Earthquake Handling Emergency Response Post in Tanjung Lombok, North Lombok on 24/8/2018, it was agreed that the emergency response phase for handling the Lombok earthquake ended on Saturday (08/25/2018) in accordance with the previous determination. Furthermore, it will continue with the emergency transition phase to recovery.

At present there is still an emergency transition period to recovery to deal with the effects of the Lombok earthquake. Furthermore, it will be determined by the Governor of NTB through a decree on the determination of an emergency transition to the recovery of handling the effects of the Lombok earthquake.

In the context of the emergency handling of the Lombok earthquake disaster, the emergency transition phase to recovery is still in an emergency state. So this is an administrative problem since. Because in accordance with the Government Regulation of 2008 concerning the Implementation of Disaster Management, in the elucidation of article 23 paragraph (1) the status of a disaster emergency is from the status of emergency alert, emergency response and emergency transition to recovery.

Emergency transition status to recovery is a condition where emergency handling is temporary or permanent based on technical review from the authorized agency. With the aim that vital infrastructure facilities and socio-economic activities of the community will immediately function, carried out from the emergency response to the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase begins.

During the emergency transition period, assistance for further needs that cannot be resolved during the emergency response can be continued, such as for community housing for homes that are destroyed and lost due to landslides. For immediate recovery of vital facilities and infrastructure functions, costs for replacing land, buildings and community crops also for clean water and sanitation needs, food, clothing, health services and continued basic needs after the emergency response ends.

Meanwhile, emergency handling is still ongoing. Cleansing debris is still carried out in several affected areas. Including residents' requests door to door served to carry out cleaning. Clean water distribution is done because there are several hamlets in Sokong Village through Orari reporting that they have not received clean water. In Kuripan village, West Lombok regency there are 123 families who have had a water tank a week but have not received clean water because they cannot be reached by a tank car.

Rescue or evacuation clusters from Basarnas report no reports from residents for evacuation or rescue so that personnel stand by at Tanjung Command Post and wait for further directions.

Health Clusters reported 21,328 patients affected by the Lombok earthquake that had been handled by the TNI Health Services Team. The number of patients who are sick of the impact of the Lombok earthquake in North Lombok Regency continues to decrease. Health services are still held to provide health services and protection for the community. The team will prepare health facilities to be built, namely Tanjung Hospital and 8 Puskesmas in North Lombok and 2 Puskesmas in East Lombok. Currently ensuring land availability. After the semi-permanent development, the Nusantara Sehat personnel who are used to the border areas will be deployed here. Can work for 6 months with various medical personnel. In the future, patients cannot be left in a tent because it will trigger an infection, so it must be built semi-permanently.

From the Recovery Facility cluster to debris and environment cleaning facilities on protocol roads, big intersections, and mass concentrations, especially at the Pemenang intersection that needs to be immediately tidied up and repaired, and its construction accelerated. Debris cleaning is supported by 61 heavy equipment. There are some residents who do not want to be demolished because the structure of the building is still good. In some places it's clean. Debris disposal has been coordinated with the local government, namely in Gunung Sari, Griya Lingsar, Kayangan, Gangga, Montong Beach, Pasar UKM Tanjung, in front of the Pamenang District Head Office. The disposal location will continue to grow and will coordinate to find the location.

Logistics distribution continues to be distributed. TNI officers were deployed to send aid to remote villages that were difficult to reach by 4-wheeled vehicles. Many villages in North Lombok and East Lombok were in the hills and areas with difficult access were reached by motorbike. There is even assistance on foot. In Sembelia, East Lombok, the challenge is more difficult because it is difficult to reach and cooler, so there is a need to accelerate the logistics drive there. There is still limited distribution of aid to Sembelia because of difficult access, high in the area because it is in the hills and mountains, and far away. Two aid sorties have been sent using helicopters to the Sembelia Koramil. Aid for victim meat has also been sent to Sembelia and Sembalun.

The impact of the earthquake caused 555 deaths. The victim died in Kab. North Lombok 466 people, West Lombok 40 people, East Lombok 31 people, Central Lombok 2 people, City of Mataram 9 people, Sumbawa Besar 5 people, and Sumbawa Barat 2 people. While there were 390,529 people still displaced by the Lombok earthquake. Refugees are spread in North Lombok Regency 134,235 people, West Lombok 116,453 people, East Lombok 104,060 people, Central Lombok 13,887 people, and Mataram City 18,894 people. Refugees still need logistical assistance.

Aftershocks still often occur with small intensity. Up to 24/8/2018 the afternoon had occurred 1,089 times the earthquake after the M7 force earthquake on 5/8/2018. Of the 1,089 aftershocks, the earthquake was felt 50 times.

= Update: earthquakes on 19 Aug 2018 =
BMKG reported strong earthquakes in Lombok Island on 19 August 2018. A strong M 7.0 earthquake occurred on 21.56 hrs UTC+7; and M 6.5 on 11.10 hrs UTC+7. BNPB is still assessing the collateral damages due to this incident.

= Initial Report =

1) A Magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred on 5 August 2018 18:46 hrs (UTC +7), with epicenter at a depth of 10 km and located at 8o22’12.0” S & 116o28’48.00” E (inland), in the area of West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia (BMKG). The earthquake felt in Lombok, Bali and Sumbawa Island with the reported intensity around II-VIII MMI. Around 3,848,000 people exposed to intensity V-VII MMI (InaSAFE, BNPB).
2) Despite being an inland earthquake, Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System (InaTEWS, BMKG) immediately triggered tsunami warning for North Lombok and East Lombok regencies, with a maximum potential tsunami height of 0.5 m. A minor tsunami with maximum height 0.135 m was observed in Carik, North Lombok Regency. As of 5 Aug 2018. 20.50 (UTC +7), BMKG has cancelled the tsunami warning.
3) West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) Governor already declared emergency response period until 11 Aug 2018. All schools are closed in the province.
4) Around 3.8 people affected, directly exposed to strong intensity V-VII MMI. BNPB confirmed 91 people died, 209 injured, 10,170 people displaced, and more than 14,000 houses damaged.
5) Local and national organizations are engaging in intensive emergency response.
6) AHA Centre established contact with the leadership in National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) and sent a condolence letter on 5 August 2018 following the earthquake, to offer assistance. ASEAN Emergency Response & Assessment Team (ERAT) & relief items from Disaster Emergency Logistic of ASEAN (DELSA) are on stand-by for potential deployment and mobilization.
Additional Data
Country: Indonesia
Affected Area / Region: Lombok, Bali


Death: 555
Injured: 7733
Affected Families: 115818
Affected Persons: 3512689
Displaced Persons: 431416


Damaged houses: 76765Damaged educational facilities (e.g. schools): 458Damaged medical facilities (e.g. hospital): 10Damaged public buildings / facilities: 20Access to early warning: YesCost of Damage (USD): 138 millionCost of Assistance (USD): under estimation

Credibility: UP DOWN -1

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