Indonesia, Strong Wind in Pasaman & Padang Pariaman Regency

17:00 Aug 1 2018 Pasaman Regency

Indonesia, Strong Wind in Pasaman & Padang Pariaman Regency
Health Crisis Centre reported strong wind in Pasaman Regency and Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra on 1 August 2018, 1700 hrs local time.

Two villages in Panti District of the regency were affected and its residents had to temporarily evacuated. In total 45 families were affected.
A total of 41 houses damaged, with 10 of them totally collapsed. In addition, 15 electricity poles also destroyed.
There are now fatalities reported in this incident.

BPBD of Pasaman regency, local police and social agency were on the ground to support the affected people.

In Padang Pariaman Regency, the effect of strong wind was a minor one. Only two houses damage and a road section temporarily cut off in two districts, i.e. Nan sabaris and Ulakan Tapakih districts.

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